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Last Updated: 29 December 2021


Ready for an unforgettable time in France? Fantastic! Then, Bordeaux should definitely be at the top of your list. This stunning port city on the river Garonne, Southwestern France, is a perfect holiday destination for everyone looking to experience the beauty and culture of the country. However, the first thing you should consider is to visit Bordeaux at the best possible time. Read on to find out our suggestions on the question!


The Weather in Bordeaux

Pleasant weather during your holiday is a significant factor to mull over. The summers are hot in Bordeaux, but it can also get humid – not annoyingly so, however!

Visit Bordeaux © French Moments
Visit Bordeaux’ old town © French Moments

The air gets cooler and rainy when Atlantic currents dominate, but it mixes perfectly with periods of good weather when it can get hot. So although the temperatures get high, there is always a cool breeze refreshing you.

The start of autumn is often lovely; nonetheless, it becomes cold and rainy quite quickly, especially in November.

Visit Bordeaux © French Moments
Porte Cailhau © French Moments

December to February are often relatively mild. That being said, there are occurrences of strong winds from Russia when the temperature drops below zero, and the land is covered in snow and fog.

Spring is always pleasant here! Of course, there are some rainy days and the nights are cold, but it does not very bothersome.

So, weatherwise, the best time to visit Bordeaux is August to late September. This way, you should be the most comfortable, and there are plenty of activities due to the pleasing climate.

Visit Bordeaux © French Moments
Visit Bordeaux © French Moments

Tourist Flow in Bordeaux

Most of the time, travellers do not do complete research before visiting France. Many people still consider travelling only in the summertime a universal knowledge. That is why it is the most crowded in Bordeaux from June to August.

Bordeaux © French Moments
Place de la Bourse © French Moments

If you decide the same, be prepared for a possibly uncomfortable time. Not only will there be heat, but you will also eventually get exhausted by crowds of people mingling together, shoulder to shoulder at every corner.

Naturally, the wintertime is the least popular time slot for tourists, but December, January, and February are your go-to months if you want to avoid them altogether.

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux © French Moments
Place de la Bourse by night © French Moments

However, we suggest finding the perfect middle ground. Once again, it would be best if you considered travelling at the end of summer when the peak touristy season is coming to an end, and most people avoid travelling right before autumn.

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Visit Bordeaux: Attractions and Events

Since you probably want to make the most of your trip to Bordeaux, catching some shows and participating in the city’s events is super important. First, however, you should know which time is the best for doing so.


The most significant events in the summertime are, without a doubt, the Wine Festival in June, Jazz Festival and overall concerts in July, and the professional surfing world championship in August.

Fireworks - "Bordeaux fête le vin" © Fiseha Hailemichael - licence [CC BY 2.0] from Wikimedia Commons
Fireworks – “Bordeaux fête le vin” © Fiseha Hailemichael – licence [CC BY 2.0] from Wikimedia Commons


Autumn is a bit dryer when it comes to events, but there is still the Medoc Marathon in September, a race through over 50 vineyards that has been a tradition since 1985.

Marathon du Médoc © Jan - licence [CC BY-SA 2.0] from Wikimedia Commons
Marathon du Médoc © Jan – licence [CC BY-SA 2.0] from Wikimedia Commons


The most famous event in December is, of course, the Bordeaux Christmas Market. The market is perfect for families and overall people in a festive mood!

Visit Bordeaux at Christmas © Thomon - licence [CC BY-SA 4.0] from Wikimedia Commons
Visit Bordeaux at Christmas © Thomon – licence [CC BY-SA 4.0] from Wikimedia Commons


Spring in Bordeaux is famous for the Fête Patronale d’Arcachon, commemorating sailors who perished in the sea. On a more fun note, spring is also the time for the openings of some fun markets!

Arcachon Beach © Mtu33260 - licence [CC BY-SA 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons
Arcachon Beach © Mtu33260 – licence [CC BY-SA 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons

Do we have a winner yet? Regarding weather conditions, tourist flow, and things to do, the best time for you to visit Bordeaux might be late summer-early autumn. If that works for you, start planning right now, and you will be all ready for France for the next year!

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Visit Bordeaux © French Moments
Saint-Michel’s spire, Bordeaux © French Moments
Visit Bordeaux © French Moments
The Grand Theatre © French Moments

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