Vineyard of Montmartre, Paris


Situated in the rue Saint-Vincent on the slopes of the Montmartre Hill (18th arrondissement), the vineyard of Montmartre is reminiscent of the viticultural past of the Paris region.

The small patch of vineyard situated on a steep hill seems at odds in Paris. How many sightseers know that the Île de France was once a wine-making region? There were vineyards in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Rueil-Malmaison, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Suresnes… Since 1932, the vines of Montmartre have continued the centuries-old tradition.

The vineyard stretch is owned by the City of Paris and covers 1,556 m2. It produces 27 varieties of wine including 75% of Gamay, 20% of Pinot, some stocks of white Sauvignon and Riesling.

The wine production of the ‘Clos de Montmartre’ reaches up to 500 litres per year which represents 1,700 bottles.

An old local saying

According to a local saying from the 17th century, the wine of Montmartre was reputed for its diuretic properties:

The wine of Montmartre

Whoever drinks a pinte (0.93 litres) pisses a quart (67 litres)!

(C’est du vin de Montmartre

Qui en boit pinte en pisse quarte)

Montmartre Wine Harvest Festival

Each year the harvest of the grapes takes place on the first weekend in October and draws more than 500,000 visitors. This is the opportunity for a festive celebration with wine tastings and cooking workshops, concerts, street parades and fireworks.

The ‘Clos de Montmartre’ is auctioned each year from €45 a bottle and the proceeds of the sale goes to charity.

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