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Last Updated: 2 May 2024

Having visited Versailles Palace numerous times while residing in the region, we've gained valuable insights and practical tips for this guide.

Our frequent visits to the Palace of Versailles allowed us to discover hidden gems and uncover the best ways to navigate this iconic French landmark.

With each visit, we've honed our understanding of the palace's rich history, magnificent gardens, and captivating stories. Now, we're excited to share our experiences and insider knowledge to enhance your own journey through Versailles.

Versailles Gold © French Moments

Palace of Versailles © French moments

Admission in Versailles Palace

Visiting one of the world's greatest monuments may seem overwhelming. The good news is that preparing for a visit to Versailles Palace is relatively easy when you know what to see and where you need to go! 

Given the monument's vastness, the only challenge might be deciding which places to explore. It would take several days to see its grand rooms, garden and park, including the delightful hamlet of Marie-Antoinette and the Trianon Palaces. 

Depending on your schedule, some halls and corridors may be crowded, potentially diminishing the overall experience.

This practical guide aims to assist you in crafting your Versailles Palace tickets experience beyond the turnstile.

Versailles Palace Courtyard © French Moments - Versailles 9

The Palace of Versailles © French Moments

Plan Your Visit Beforehand

A word of advice: plan your visit before you come to Versailles! It's the best way to find out where you need to go and which entrance fee best suits your exploration needs.

Most importantly, you need to know that the Palace of Versailles comprises four distinct areas:

  • Le château (the palace)
  • Les jardins (the gardens)
  • Le domaine de Trianon (Petit Trianon, Grand Trianon, Hameau de la Reine)
  • Le parc (the park which extends beyond the estate proper)

These sites have different admission charges. You can pay for admission to each of the sites or buy combined admission.

Sun King emblem Palace of Versailles © French Moments

Sun King emblem, Palace of Versailles © French Moments

The "Billet Château"

The "Billet Château" gives access only to the Palace of Versailles proper and the gardens (excluding Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens days).

The ticket costs €19.50 (online) for the full price and €14.50 (online) for the reduced price.

The "Billet Passeport"

The Billet Passeport gives access to the entire Versailles estate: the Palace, the Trianon Estate (Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, the Queen's Hamlet), the Gardens and the temporary exhibitions.

The time reservation ticket guarantees access to the estate within half an hour of the chosen time.

It costs €21.50 (online) excluding Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens days and €28.50 (online) on Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens days (2024 prices).

A reduced rate of €10 is available for people entitled to free tickets.

You can buy this ticket on the estate's online ticketing service or at the Château, Grand Trianon or Petit Trianon ticket offices.

Important notes!
  • The Billet Passeport ticket does not give access to the shows or the Musical Fountains. 
  • All tickets purchased online do not entitle the holder to skip-the-line access.
  • The entire Versailles estate is free of charge to visitors on the first Sunday of the month from November to March. 

The 1-year Versailles Pass

If you're staying in Paris or the Ile-de-France region for an extended period, you might be interested in the 1-year Versailles pass.

The subscription makes a return on your money in just two visits to the estate!

You can choose from two offers (2024 prices):

  • The SOLO pass (valid for the subscriber alone) for €55
  • The DUO pass (valid for the subscriber and a guest of their choice) for 90€.

This season ticket entitles you to:

  • quick entry to the Palace and the Grand Trianon thanks to priority access simply by presenting your season ticket (excluding security checks).
  • unlimited free access to the gardens (even on the Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens days), the Trianon domain and temporary exhibitions.
  • preferential rates for shops, restaurants and activities on the estate.
  • take advantage of a cultural programme (tours, lectures, etc.) reserved for the 1-year pass holders.

Guided Tours Tickets

Our most memorable experience of exploring the Versailles Palace was through a guided tour, made possible with our Versailles tickets.

Embarking on a guided tour at the Versailles Palace offers an enriching and hassle-free experience for visitors eager to delve into the history and grandeur of this iconic French landmark.

With expert guides leading the way, you'll gain unique insights into the opulent interiors, majestic gardens, and fascinating stories behind each room and monument.

From the glittering Hall of Mirrors to the tranquil retreats of the Trianon estate, guided tours ensure you make the most of your time, navigating seamlessly through the vast expanse of Versailles.

With skip-the-line access and priority entry facilitated by our Versailles tickets, you'll bypass long queues, maximising your time to immerse yourself in the splendour of Versailles.

Moreover, knowledgeable guides bring history to life, offering captivating narratives and anecdotes that enrich your understanding of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Versailles Estate's 4 Areas

Let's learn more about each of the four areas with admission charges and opening times:

Versailles Palace 'proper'

A tour of Versailles Palace includes the Marble Court, the King's and Queen's Grand Apartments, the History Gallery, the Hall of Mirrors, the Battle Gallery and the Royal Chapel.

Versailles Palace © French Moments

The Palace of Versailles © French Moments

The Palace (le château) is open every day except Monday, from 9am to 6.30pm in high season (April to October) and from 9am to 5.30pm in low season (November to March).

Last admission 30 minutes before closing time.

Where to get your ticket?

Due to the large number of visitors, remember to buy your Versailles tickets online, as only online booking guarantees you access to the Palace.

  • If you have a ticket, go directly to Entrance A of the Palace.
  • If you still wish to buy tickets on site, go to the ticket office on your left, in the South Ministers' wing (Aile des Ministres Sud). Once you have your ticket, proceed to Entrance A.
  • If you are entitled to free admission, you will still need to book a free time slot on the online ticketing service to gain access to the Palace.
  • If you would like to book a guided tour, book online and go to the dedicated area in the North Ministers' Wing (Aile des Ministres Nord), on your right in the Cour d'Honneur.

Allow at least an hour and a half for your visit.

The Gardens

Access to the gardens is free in low season.

During the high season, from 29 March to 31 October, admission to the gardens is subject to a charge on the Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens days (Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, as well as on a few additional dates, including public holidays).

Versailles Palace © French Moments

The gardens of Versailles Palace © French Moments

In this case, you need to buy a Passport ticket online (access to the entire estate) or a Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens ticket (at the entrance to the gardens or preferably online).

Opening times

The gardens are open every day from 8am to 8.30pm in the high season (April to October) and from 8am to 6pm in the low season (November to March), except for exceptional events and the Musical Fountains Show days (closing at 5.30pm).

At Versailles, you should always be aware that the gardens may close for exceptional events at 5.30 pm (last entry at 5 pm).

Good to know!

To get to the gardens, there's no need to go inside the palace first. 

When you arrive in front of the palace, head straight for the gardens by going to the top left of the Cour d'Honneur (via the Cour des Princes).

The Trianon Domain

The site includes the palaces of the Petit Trianon and the Grand Trianon, as well as the Hamlet of Marie-Antoinette (Hameau de la Reine).

Petit Trianon © French Moments

Petit Trianon © French Moments

The site is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12pm to 6.30pm in high season (April to October) and from 12pm to 5.30pm in low season (November to March).

How to get there

The Trianon estate is off-centre from the palace proper, which is more than 2 km / 1.3 mi away. There are three ways to get to the Trianon estate from here:

  • On foot through the gardens (about 30 minutes' walk)
  • Aboard the Petit Train: get on at the Château stop (north terrace of the gardens) and get off at the Grand Trianon stop (approximately 20 minutes' journey - Full fare: €8.50, reduced fare €6.50 and return fare only €4.60).
  • By electric car from the south terrace of the gardens (main entrance to the gardens - €34/hour)
Hameau de Marie-Antoinette, Versailles Palace © French Moments

Hameau de Marie-Antoinette, Versailles © French Moments

Good to know!

Access to the Trianon estate is only possible via the Grand Trianon entrance. 

To make the most of your visit, allow at least 3 hours.

The Park

Good news! The park is free for all visitors coming on foot.

The Park is open free of charge every day from 7am to 8.30pm in high season (April to October). Last admission: 8pm for pedestrians.

Versailles Estate © French Moments

The park of Versailles © French Moments

The Park is open free of charge from 8am to 6pm in low season (November to March). Last admission: 5.30pm.

It's an ideal place to go for a walk, hire a boat on the Grand Canal, go cycling...

Visit Versailles Palace for free

The entire estate, including Versailles Palace and the Trianon domain, is open to visitors free of charge on the first Sunday of every month from November to March.

On this occasion, you must reserve a time slot to visit the Palace. As for the Trianon domain, it is accessible without reservation.

Some visitors are entitled to free admission, including :

  • those under 26 residing in the European Union.
  • and those under 18 (residing outside the European Union).

Valid proof of identity is required for free admission. 

Please note: if you are eligible for free admission, you will still need to book a free time slot on the online ticketing service to gain access to the Palace.

Versailles Palace © French Moments

Versailles Palace from the gardens © French Moments

Versailles Palace: Insider Insights

What is the optimal time to experience Versailles Palace during your Parisian escapades?

With nearly fifteen million annual visitors, navigating the opulent halls can feel daunting.

However, you can make the most of your visit with some strategic planning.

Versailles Palace © French Moments

The long queue for the palace © French Moments

Schedule a mid-week visit

Firstly, consider scheduling your trip midweek, preferably from Wednesday to Friday.

These days, there are typically fewer crowds, ensuring a smoother exploration of the palace's grand interiors.

To bypass long queues, purchasing tickets online grants direct access at Entrance A, allowing you to dive straight into your Versailles adventure.

Versailles Palace © French Moments

The marble courtyard © French Moments

Arrive early

Arriving early is key. Start your day with a palace tour, then head to the Trianon estate, which opens at 12:30 pm.

Explore the Petit and Grand Trianon before wandering through the Queen's Hamlet.

With the bulk of your day dedicated to Versailles, you'll have ample time to appreciate its beauty and grandeur.

Railings at Versailles © French Moments

Railings at Versailles © French Moments

Which days are the least crowded?

Mondays witness palace closure but offer free access to the park, while Sundays and Tuesdays tend to be busier.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are optimal days for a visit, with fewer crowds and smoother navigation.

Keep in mind, though, that the garden fountains, a must-see spectacle, operate on alternate days.

For a more tranquil experience, consider visiting in the late afternoon, after 4 pm. Many tourists have departed by then, allowing you to explore the palace leisurely.

Just remember, the last entry is at 6 pm during peak season.

Trianon Versailles © French Moments

In the gardens of Trianon © French Moments

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