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Last Updated: 3 January 2024


For years, I embarked on a quest, reminiscent of Tintin's adventures, to find my own treasure: the Adventures of Tintin Complete Collection in French.

This pursuit, filled with as much anticipation and twists as any of Hergé's stories, reached its climax just before Christmas. Not only had I discovered this cherished collection, but the timing was perfect.

There it was, a complete set of 24 albums, each a gateway to nostalgia and timeless storytelling, ready to be placed under the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree.

In this blog post, I invite you to join me on this journey - a tale of patience, passion, and the ultimate reward of holding a piece of literary and artistic history in my hands. And yes, I will tell you where to get the complete series with shipment in France and Europe.

Please note !

This blog post is written entirely on a personal basis. I have not received any form of payment or sponsorship for mentioning or discussing any products, services, or establishments, including the bookstore that supplied the Tintin Complete Collection. My review and the views expressed here are solely my own, stemming from my genuine experience and enthusiasm for 'The Adventures of Tintin' series.

The purpose of sharing my journey and the details of where I found the albums is to assist fellow enthusiasts who might be on a similar quest. Had I come across such information earlier, it would have greatly simplified my search. I hope this article makes your journey in discovering these timeless classics easier and more enjoyable.

Tintin: A childhood memory

The French and comic books share a profound love story. In France and Belgium, comics are not just for children; adults cherish them equally. I was raised amidst this cultural tradition of comics, following heroes like Asterix, Spirou, Gaston Lagaffe, Boule et Bill, and the Smurfs. In our home, we were devoted to the adventures of Asterix the Gaul, proudly owning every album in the series.

However, my cousins in Lorraine had a different treasure – the Tintin complete collection. During each visit, I would immerse myself in the enthralling world of the intrepid Belgian reporter with his distinctive quiff and faithful dog, Snowy.

Tintin Complete Collection

The Adventure of Tintin Complete Collection

Long-haul flights from Zurich to Sydney with Tintin!

In the early 1990s, our regular visits to my cousins ceased, and Tintin's adventures almost faded from my memory.

It wasn't until the 2000s, during my long-haul flights from Zurich to Sydney, that I reconnected with the talented reporter.

I habitually purchased Tintin's Adventures in compact English editions at Changi Airport in Singapore.

Tintin Complete Collection

The Tintin Complete Collection in English bought over the time in Singapore

However, the smaller format and sometimes lesser image quality couldn't evoke the same thrill I experienced as a child with the larger French albums.

Tintin Blur

The blurred images of my Tintin book - not good!

How I found the Tintin Complete Collection

Recently, now living in England, I embarked on a quest to find the Tintin complete collection in French. It was a challenging task. British online bookstores offered them, but only in English, and I had to be wary of the common softcover editions on this side of the Channel!

A visit to the Carrières de Lumières in Les Baux-de-Provence, featuring a stunning Tintin light show, rekindled my quest this autumn. In their shop, adorned with 90% of merchandise from Hergé's universe, I inquired about acquiring the complete Tintin albums. The helpful shop assistant suggested contacting a specialised bookstore.

After extensive online research, my dream was finally within reach. I discovered '1000 Sabords', a bookstore located in La Rochelle dedicated to the world of Tintin.

To my utmost surprise, they shipped books and other items across France and Europe, including the UK. My childhood heroes would soon be stored on my bookshelves.

Tintin Complete Collection

The 24 albums of Tintin finally on my bookshelves!

Tintin in our home in Britain... at last!

I placed my order for the Tintin Complete Collection (link here) at the beginning of December, and they were delivered in perfect condition to my home in England just before Christmas. 

Tintin Complete Collection

I vividly remember the delivery person's comment: 'Blimey, your parcel is rather hefty!' Indeed, the collection of 24 Tintin albums weighs a substantial 11.6 kilograms. They certainly made a prominent display under our Christmas tree!

Tintin Complete Collection

The Tintin Complete Collection under the Christmas tree © French Moments

Why order the Tintin Complete Collection in French?

Our daughter Aimée, an avid Tintin reader, has always enjoyed these tales, but much to my chagrin, she read them in English.

Aimée reads Tintin

Aimée reading Tintin © French Moments

This complete French series presents a fantastic opportunity for her to delve into the world of Tintin and Snowy in their original language. It's not just a gift of literature; it's an invitation to a richer, more authentic linguistic adventure.

7 reasons why you should read Tintin in French

Reading "The Adventures of Tintin" in its original French language rather than in English translation offers several unique advantages:

1. Authenticity of Language:

The original French versions preserve the nuances, idiomatic expressions, and cultural references Hergé, the Belgian author, intended. Translations, even when well done, may lose some of these subtleties.

2. Cultural Context:

Tintin is deeply rooted in the Franco-Belgian comic tradition. Reading it in French offers a richer understanding of this cultural context. It allows you to experience the story as native French and Belgian audiences would, providing a more authentic cultural experience.

3. Linguistic Nuance:

The playfulness and creativity of Hergé's language, including puns, wordplay, and humour, are best appreciated in the original French. Translations might not always capture these elements effectively.

4. Learning Opportunity:

For those learning French, reading Tintin in its original language presents an excellent opportunity to improve language skills. The combination of visual storytelling and text aids comprehension and makes learning engaging.

5. Historical and Literary Value:

Reading the original text allows one to appreciate the work as a historical and literary artefact. You get to experience the evolution of the French language in the 20th century and Hergé's artistic growth over time.

6. Artistic Integrity:

The translation process may sometimes involve altering images or texts to suit different cultural contexts, potentially changing the original artistic intent. Reading in French ensures you see the work as Hergé created it.

7. Emotional Connection:

For those like me with a French background or who have learned the language, reading Tintin in French can create a deeper emotional connection to the story, resonating with personal experiences or memories of the French language.

Tintin Complete Collection

Tintin Complete Collection in French © French Moments

Tintin's Names in French and English

Admittedly, something bothers me when my daughter experiences 'The Adventures of Tintin' in English. Milou is known as Snowy, Moulinsart is transformed into Marlinspike Hall, and Professor Tournesol becomes Professor Calculus.

And then there are Captain Haddock's creative expletives, which have become an integral part of French culture!

While necessary for translation, these changes somehow dilute the quintessentially Francophone essence of the series. The unique charm and cultural nuances embedded in the original names and phrases are, in a sense, lost in translation, replaced with alternatives that, although fitting, lack the original's cultural depth and resonance.

And to finish this article in style, here is a helpful French-English equivalence table of famous names and places mentioned in The Adventures of Tintin.

Français 🇫🇷

English 🇬🇧



Capitaine Haddock

Captain Haddock

Professeur Tournesol

Professor Calculus

Dupond et Dupont

Thomson and Thompson

Séraphin Lampion

Jolyon Wagg

Cheikh Bab El Ehr

Sheikh Bab El Ehr

The following characters share the same name in French and English:

  • Tintin
  • Nestor
  • Bianca Castafiore
  • General Alcazar
  • Rastapopoulos
  • Oliveira da Figueira
  • Mitsuhirato
  • General Tapioca
  • Allan Thompson
  • Dr. Müller
  • Abdallah
  • Peggy Alcazar
  • Igor Wagner
  • Frank Wolff

Tintin's Places in French and English

Français 🇫🇷

English 🇬🇧


Marlinspike Hall





Île Noire

Black Island

The following places share the same name in French and English:

  • San Theodoros
  • Khemed
  • Tapiocapolis
  • Nuevo-Rico
  • Gaipajama
  • Sao Rico
  • Los Dopicos
  • Sanfacion
  • Nuevo-Granada
  • Klow
  • Szohôd

Captain Haddock's famous expletives

Below is a comparison of some of Captain Haddock's famous expletives from "The Adventures of Tintin," showing their original French expressions and their English translations:

Français 🇫🇷

English 🇬🇧

Mille milliards de mille sabords!

Blistering barnacles!

Tonnerre de Brest!

Thundering typhoons!

Moule à gaufres!

Billions of blue blistering barnacles!



Espèce de nyctalope!

Fancy-dress freebooter!

Marin d'eau douce!

Freshwater swabbie!

Tintin's albums titles in French and English

With over 250 million copies sold, 'The Adventures of Tintin' (Les Aventures de Tintin) ranks among the most famous and popular European comic book series of the 20th century.

The journey begins with the first album, released in 1929, and extends to the final, unfinished work in 1983.

The Tintin Complete Collection assembles all the hardback editions of the intrepid reporter's escapades. This anthology captures the essence of Hergé's storytelling, from foiling conspiracies against monarchies to dangerous treks across the Himalayas in a bid to rescue a friend. Each story in this collection springs to life as vividly as when it was first published.

Tintin Complete Collection

The albums blend various genres: from high-stakes adventures in distant lands, detective mysteries, and espionage thrillers to science fiction and the supernatural, all infused with Hergé's characteristic wit and humour.

Français 🇫🇷

English 🇬🇧

1. Tintin au pays des Soviets

Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

2. Tintin au Congo

Tintin in the Congo

3. Tintin en Amérique

Tintin in America

4. Les Cigares du pharaon

Cigars of the Pharaoh

5. Le Lotus bleu

The Blue Lotus

6. L'Oreille cassée

The Broken Ear

7. L'Île Noire

The Black Island

8. Le Sceptre d'Ottokar

King Ottokar's Sceptre

9. Le Crabe aux pinces d'or

The Crab with the Golden Claws

10. L'Étoile mystérieuse

The Shooting Star

11. Le Secret de La Licorne

The Secret of the Unicorn

12. Le Trésor de Rackham Le Rouge

Red Rackham's Treasure

13. Les Sept boules de cristal

The Seven Crystal Balls

14. Le Temple du Soleil

Prisoners of the Sun

15. Tintin au pays de l'or noir

Land of Black Gold

16. Objectif Lune

Destination Moon

17. On a marché sur la Lune

Explorers on the Moon

18. L'Affaire Tournesol

The Calculus Affair

19. Coke en stock

The Red Sea Sharks

20. Tintin au Tibet

Tintin in Tibet

21. Les Bijoux de la Castafiore

The Castafiore Emerald

22. Vol 714 pour Sydney

Flight 714 to Sydney

23. Tintin et les Picaros

Tintin and the Picaros

24. Tintin et l'Alph-Art

Tintin and Alph-Art

As a conclusion

I trust this article has whisked you away on a delightful escapade into the captivating realm of Tintin.

For those of you who relish further adventure, have you had the chance to experience Steven Spielberg's animated action-adventure film 'The Adventures of Tintin'? It brings our beloved characters to life in a thrilling new dimension. Should you wish to add this cinematic gem to your collection, the DVD is available for order here.

The Adventures of Tintin DVD

Embrace the spirit of adventure and let Tintin's timeless tales continue to inspire and entertain you.

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Pierre is a French/Australian who is passionate about France and its culture. He grew up in France and Germany and has also lived in Australia and England. He has a background teaching French, Economics and Current Affairs, and holds a Master of Translating and Interpreting English-French with the degree of Master of International Relations, and a degree of Economics and Management. Pierre is the author of Discovery Courses and books about France.

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  1. I started reading Tintin long ago. As the author says, it is much better to read in French. The language is not that difficult and can be read with an intermediate knowledge.

    1. Yes you’re right, and in fact, I’ve found that understanding Tintin in French is actually easier than Asterix as there are less cultural references… maybe except for Captain Haddock’s famous expletives 🙂

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