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Last Updated: 26 July 2022


Did you know that a carving on a façade indicates where the Texas Embassy in Paris used to be? Let me show you the exact location of this surprising historical twist.


When Texas was an independent republic

In 1836, the Mexican province of Tejas declared its independence from Mexico. This historic event was called the Texas Revolution. Mexico refused to recognise the independence of the lost territory, unlike the United States, which did in March 1837.

Needless to say, Mexico did not agree to the boundaries with the new state. Therefore the independent Republic of Texas sought to tie international alliances with countries such as England and France.

On December 29, 1845, Texas was annexed by the United States and ceased to be an independent country. It then became the 28th state of the Union.


Where to find the former Texas Embassy in Paris?

Texas Embassy in Paris
The site of the former Texas Embassy in Paris © French Moments


What is commonly referred to as a Texas Embassy in Paris was, in fact, a Legation. This meant a diplomatic mission managed by someone with a lower-ranking official than an ambassador.

The exact site of the Texas Legation in Paris is at 1 Place Vendôme in the 1st arrondissement. Known as Hôtel Bataille de Francès, the mansion dating from 1705 has a carving on its wall that indicates where the Legation used to be. It reads:

Embassy of Texas
In 1842-1843 this building was the seat of the Embassy of the Republic of Texas in Paris.
By the French-Texan Treaty of 29 September 1839, France was the first nation to recognise the Republic of Texas, an independent state between 1836 and 1845.

Texas Embassy in Paris
The site of the former Texas Embassy in Paris © French Moments


The first chargé d’affaires appointed by France in 1839 was Alphonse Dubois de Saligny.

In turn, France opened a Legation in Austin, not far from the current Texas Capitol building.

There was also a Texas Legation in London, located in Pickering Place near St. James’ Palace.


English-French vocabulary

Place Vendôme Paris
Place Vendôme, Paris © French Moments


ambassadorambassadeur (m)
AmericaAmérique (f)
boundaryfrontière, limite (f)
countrypays (m)
embassyambassade (f)
independenceindépendance (f)
LegationLégation (f)
MexicoMexique (m)
Republic of TexasRépublique du Texas (f)
TexasTexas (m)
stateétat (m)
United StatesÉtats-Unis (m,p)


Check out google map for the exact location of the Texas Embassy in Paris. Closest métro station: Tuileries (line 1)

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  1. I am from Texas but planning to visit Paris in October. I would love to learn more about this historical site. Any idea where I can find out more information?

    1. Hi Michelle. Unfortunately, there is not much information about this on the web. The Texas Legation did not last long in Paris and took place a long time ago (1840s), which explains the lack of information. There is an article on Wikipedia which refers to it and which may interest you > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Legation
      Hope this helps!

  2. The Republic of Texas is alive and well. I am currently Sheriff of Bexar County in The Republic of Texas.
    International Treaty holds our ties tight. We have contact with France. Please visit our website and become a Texian, as we recently amended our Constitution that anyone on Earth can become a Texian, but if you don't live in the borders you will be a Limited Texian, meaning you can't vote or be a part of the government. Being a Texian offers an ID and automobile plates.
    The Supreme Court of Texas ruled in favor of The ROT as having ultimate authority.
    ROT owns the lands. Texas Civil Codes supports The ROT as being in charge. THE STATE OF TEXAS flies The ROT Battle Flag.
    ROT is recognized by The Hague.
    The ROT is all of Texas, part of Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and Everything East of the Rio Grande in New Mexico, which is Bexar County.


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