Supporting the AFM-Téléthon in Maisons-Laffitte with ESUP


This morning as we walked to the town centre of Maisons-Laffitte we encountered the smiling and friendly students of the ESUP school selling food and drinks for the cause of the Téléthon 2015. Here are a few info and photos about the event!

For 50 years the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon) has aimed to help patients who are affected by a genetic, rare and progressive illness leading to heavy handicaps such as neuromuscular diseases. The organisation employs thousands of volunteers who take part in the search for a cure.

Le Téléthon is a French fund-raising event which traditionally takes place on the first weekend of December every year. Many celebrities, hundreds of thousands of volunteers and millions of participants get involved in the event. Imported from the US in 1986 by Pierre Birambeau, it has proven itself a huge success partly thanks to the 30 hour TV show broadcast on a public channel. In 2014, Le Téléthon collected 92,920,108 euros.

For the 2015 edition, the Montparnasse Tower displayed a giant panel about the telethon on its façade and more than 10,000 towns and villages participated in the event.

In our town of Maisons-Laffitte, the ESUP school set up a marquee on the main shopping street to sell food and drinks to people who passed by. Shops such as boulangeries, épiceries or supermarkets had been generous in providing the organisers with produce that would be sold for the good cause. The local crêperie La Bonne Humeur came for the whole day to make crêpes and candy-floss much to the delight of children.

Organising such an event is also a great deal for an organisation such as the ESUP. The school trains BTS-students, a two year post baccalaureate course subject to a demanding final examination. The happy and smiling students who were part of Le Téléthon 2015 in Maisons-Laffitte were volunteers who took on their free day to help. By their contribution, they ought to give a different image of the school, one that reflect a commitment to societal issues. Bravo l’ESUP!

Our little girl tasted her first candy-floss and was a bit perplexed… the French call it ‘Barbe à Papa’ (Daddy’s beard).


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