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Last Updated: 6 April 2022

Summer is in full swing, and it is time for a well-deserved vacation. We all need a trip to Paris, and what better time to visit Europe than during the UEFA European Football Championship? This is a great opportunity to watch the exciting matches alongside the enthusiastic French fans, in the most beautiful city in the world. Here are the top 5 Sports Bars in Paris you can visit to watch and bet on the upcoming matches.


The Belushi’s

This is considered to be the sports bar because you can watch almost any sport, whether it’s boxing, hockey, rugby, or football. In the summer months, the European Football Championship, as well as Tour de France, is perhaps the most relevant.

They show the matches on HD TVs and projectors, so you won’t miss a single free kick or penalty. The fantastic atmosphere is what makes this place so great.

Belushi’s has two sports bars in Paris, located in the 10th and 19th arrondissements:

Paris Canal
159 rue Crimée, 19th arrt.

Paris Gare du Nord
5 rue de Dunkerque, 10th arrt.

Watching football competition in Paris Sports Bars. Photo by gpointstudio @ Envato Elements
Watching football competition in Paris Sports Bars. Photo by gpointstudio @ Envato Elements


The Harp Bar

What about a true Irish experience in the middle of Paris? In this bar, you don’t need to learn to speak French to get a beer and watch the game. This is heaven for every football and rugby fan, and those fond of Tayto and Gunness. The Harp Bar is authentic, casual, and relaxed and suits you well if you want to spend a night with friends watching sports.

The Harp Bar
118 boulevard de Clichy, 18th arrt.


The Long Hop

If you would like to watch sports outside, then The Long Hop is the place for you. This is a classic sports bar with a friendly ambience. You can choose between a table in the Paris sun or the shade for a better TV view. As needed for any good match, there is a wide selection of beers and wines to enjoy. This could be the perfect place to watch the finale!

The Long Hop
25 rue Frédéric Sauton, 5th arrt.

Cheering young men. Photo by gstockstudio @ Envato Elements
Cheering young men. Photo by gstockstudio @ Envato Elements


The Café Odilon

During a family vacation, this bar is the perfect option! It is a more kid-friendly sports bar as it is quieter than your regular bar. While a sports bar might not be the typical destination for a family trip, it is better to teach the kids early, and bring them with you to an exciting match! At The Café Odilon, you will enjoy refreshing juices and bioproduct dishes, with a view of the beautiful canal.

Café Odilon
16 quai de la Marne, 19th arrt.


The Bombardier

Last, but certainly not least, this is a true, English sports bar where the wins are celebrated as only the Brits can! You will be served British beers and ciders, and the classic fish & chips, to complete the experience. We bet this place was filled with cheers when the English National Football team won the match against Germany, and many sports bets were won.

The Bombardier
2 place du Panthéon, 5th arrt.

Paris Sports Bar By-Sonyachny-@-Envato-Elements
Enjoying a glass of beer with friends. Photo bySonyachny @ Envato Elements


About Sports bars in Paris

These places will elevate any game, and the atmosphere will lift the experience to new heights. Many fans are also choosing to bet on the matches, to make the games more exciting when watching them with your friends and family.

It is a great way to get more invested in the game and have fun while doing it! If this is your thing, you can place your bets online, and follow as the match progresses.

Meeting with friends in Paris Sports Bars. Photo by gpointstudio @ Envato Elements
Meeting with friends in Paris Sports Bars. Photo by gpointstudio @ Envato Elements

It can help boost the excitement and your commitment to the respective game. Going to a sports bar is the perfect destination on your trip to Paris. Watch a game between visiting the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre for that enthusiastic, European sportsmanship experience.


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