Discover the colourful street of rue Crémieux, Paris


The colourful street of rue Crémieux is situated in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, not far from the busy railway station of Gare de Lyon. Off the beaten paths, this corner of paradise is a lovely spot for a picture. Let me take you on a short, but delightful stroll of rue Crémieux.

Discover rue Crémieux 

rue Crémieux Paris

Rue Crémieux, Paris © French Moments

Rue Crémieux is located between rue de Lyon and rue de Bercy. The cobblestoned and pedestrianised street is 144 metre long and 7.50 m wide. Rue Crémieux is bordered with colourful private houses. This place gives the impression that we are outside of Paris, somewhere in a small Provincial town or in a French seaside resort.

Unlike the adjacent rue de Lyon, there are no Haussmann style buildings here. The 35 identical houses that border the street look like English terraced cottages. The residents are proud of their street and have ensured that it is well maintained. It was the residents’ initiative to paint their façades with gentle pastel colours: green, blue, purple, yellow, pink…

rue Crémieux Paris

The colourful façades of the street © French Moments

At number 8, look for a commemorative plaque in faience. It indicates the level of the water during the 1910 floods: 1.75 m.

On a sunny day, you won’t be the only one taking photos of the charming street! Many fashion bloggers have made rue Crémieux their favourite spot for presenting the latest outfits.

rue Crémieux Paris

Shooting time! © French Moments

Rue Crémieux in the past

On the site of the street stood the Imperial Arenas, a place of amusement with 1,500 seats that was very popular during the Second Empire.

rue Crémieux Paris

Isn’t this beautifully French? © French Moments

Rue Crémieux was opened in 1865 and was then named avenue Millaud. Moïse Polydore Millaud (1813-1871) was an entrepreneur, a banker and a press baron. He founded Le Petit Journal, a successful newspaper, ancestor of today’s popular press.

The street took its current name in 1897 after Adolphe Crémieux (1796-1880), a lawyer and statesman. Born in Nîmes to a wealthy Jewish family, he was a defender of the human rights of the Jews of France. Crémieux is buried in the cemetery of Montparnasse.

Access rue Crémieux from métro station 

Metro stations: Quai de la Râpée (line 5) or Gare de Lyon (lines 1 and 14, RER A and D).

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Let’s face it, the street residents would surely prefer that their spot was left unknown. So I do encourage you to be discreet on your visit to rue Crémieux.

Ok, now that I’ve been describing this street in a few lines, don’t you think rue Crémieux is reminiscent of Portobello in London or Burano in Venice? If you agree (or not), leave us a comment below!

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