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I haven't been to Paris for a couple of years now.

At first, I can honestly say I didn't miss it at all... as we switched the French capital for the magnificent French Alps.

After living the Paris life for a total of 5 years, we needed a (long) break away from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

But with the current situation we all have been facing for going on a year, now there is this growing desire within me to go back for a holiday.

It was time for me to go through thousands of photos I took during our 'Paris years'.

Inevitably they triggered some fond (and less fond!) memories.

Almost every weekend, I would go out for a 'Paris adventure', armed with my camera.

Often I would bring little Aimée on my journey, carrying her stroller up and down the métro stations' stairs, before reaching the bustling streets above.

One of my favourite entry points in central Paris was the RER station of Saint-Michel.

I would push Aimée in her stroller towards the lift that would eventually bring us up to Rue Xavier Privas in the 5th arrondissement.

At the corner of the street, we suddenly faced Notre-Dame cathedral in all its glory!
(well, that was before the 2019 fire of course!)

Anyway, from this Paris moments, there was ONE place I really enjoyed walking by: along the banks of the River Seine.

It has always been my favourite walk in the City of Love.

There, I've been taking lots of photos in each season of the year, from early morning to night-time.

The most beautiful ones are included in my new eBook: Romantic Paris.

Pont Alexandre III and Eiffel Tower © French Moments
River Seine seen from the towers of Notre-Dame © French Moments
Quai Branly and Eiffel Tower © French Moments
Place Louis Aragon, Ile Saint-Louis © French Moments


The photographic eBook is finally ready!

It contains 140 pages, 115 beautiful photos and 30 inspiring quotes in French and English.

These photos were taken at different times of the day and throughout each season of the year.

I hope you will find these pictures inspiring whether you dream about visiting Paris any time soon or you simply love exploring the City of Love from the comfort of your

An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.

(Un artiste n'a pas de domicile en Europe sauf à Paris...)

Friedrich Nietzsche

PIERRE, AUThoR of 1300+ articles about FRANCE!

Bonjour @ French Moments

As a French national, you’d think I know everything about France... but to be honest this knowledge comes from hundreds of hours of research. 

Born in Nancy, Lorraine, I'm fascinated by monuments and beautiful places. I have always been curious and eager to unveil the mysteries of history. And I have always been interested in wandering off the beaten track. 

In the past I've lived in France, Germany, Australia and am now based in the UK where I run French Moments Ltd, a company my wife and I founded to promote beautiful France and its language.

Whilst living in Sydney, Australia, I got busy studying a Master of Translation & Interpretation English-French with Master of International Relations... then I ran a French language centre before returning to Europe. But more than anything what motivates me is writing about France and sharing it with the world. 

Started in 2008, our blog has attracted over 1 million visitors in 2019 and has become well referenced on the web today.

Throughout my time living in Paris and Annecy, I offered guided tours to people coming from around the globe: the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, India... I loved seeing people's faces come alive as they discovered new places. 

My passion is to help people discover France, whether in person or from the comfort of their armchair!

And the present eBook was born out of this passion...

I hope you enjoy the photographic journey of Romantic Paris!


Pont des Arts © French Moments



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