The Rêve de Couleurs Light show in Reims


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On the occasion of the Holiday season, the façade of Reims cathedral is magically enhanced by a  visual and audio scenography: the Rêve de Couleurs light show. Thanks to the photos taken by the talented Frédéric Leroux, discover the majestic Gothic façade of the Notre-Dame de Reims in a new light

The Rêve de Couleurs light show at the Reims cathedral

Frédéric Leroux Skertzò Reims

The show by Skertzò displayed on the façade of Reims cathedral © Frédéric Leroux

At nightfall, the free show brings back to life the shapes and sculptures of the cathedral. This jewel of Gothic architecture is impressive for the great number of statues that are found on the West façade. The historic sanctuary is part of the three Unesco-listed sites in Reims alongside the Tau Palace and the former St. Rémi abbey.

A show by Skertzò

Frédéric Leroux Skertzò Reims Rêve de Couleurs light show

The show by Skertzò displayed on the façade of Reims cathedral © Frédéric Leroux

This technological achievement was elaborated by creators Hélène Richard and Jean-Michel Quesne, founders of creative workshop Skertzò. The show reveals in a new light the magnificent western front of the Reims cathedral.

Through a Dream of Colours, Skertzò restitutes the colours that once covered the façade of the cathedral. This light show is just stunning: a cutting-edge technology makes use of trompe-l’œil and optical illusion. The colorisation of the cathedral was well-thought out to be fun, magical and educational. It tells a story by sending light onto the cathedral front.

The Rêve de couleurs light show: a great success

Frédéric Leroux Skertzò Reims

The show by Skertzò displayed on the façade of Reims cathedral © Frédéric Leroux

Launched in 2011, the Rêve de couleurs light show in Reims is a major popular success. The first edition was created to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the laying of the cathedral’s foundation stone. Since then, the light show has been seen by more than a million people.

The show lasts 25 min and takes place at night. It includes two shows (around 6-6.25pm and 9-9.25pm). However the times are changing depending on certain days. A projection with a fixed polychromy decorates the façade between the two performances.

Frédéric Leroux Skertzò Reims

The show by Skertzò displayed on the façade of Reims cathedral © Frédéric Leroux

Find out more about the dates and hours of the Rêve de Couleur light show (2016 edition).

Christmas in Reims

Don’t hesitate to stroll on the lanes of the Reims Christmas market. Made up of 140 chalets, it is situated on the forecourt of the cathedral and the adjacent streets.

Frédéric Leroux Reims Christmas market

The Christmas market on the forecourt of Reims cathedral © Frédéric Leroux

Then continue you walk on the shopping precinct at night fall to admire the Christmas lights.

Frédéric Leroux Reims

Christmas lights in Reims © Frédéric Leroux

Don’t miss the Christmas Ferris wheel on the place du Forum before heading up to the Christmas Funfair on the Hautes Promenades.

Frédéric Leroux Reims

The Christmas Ferris wheel of Reims © Frédéric Leroux

French Moments would like to thank Frédéric Leroux for giving us the opportunity to share his photos on this page. You can reach Frédéric’s website here or join his Facebook page.

Visit the Tourist Office website of Reims.

Have you seen the Rêve de Couleurs light show at the Reims Cathedral? Let us know what you think of it!


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