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Last Updated: 8 December 2023

As we eagerly anticipated our 40-day recess in the picturesque village of Bonnieux, nestled in the heart of the Luberon, we were armed with not just luggage but a promise of seamless travel. The travel companions in question? The Level8 Textured Luggage Set was our trusty entourage for the awaited adventure. Follow us for a Provence unpacked experience which promises an unforgettable journey.

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Provence Unpacked with Level8

As grey clouds hung over our home near Portsmouth, we eagerly anticipated the sunny escape awaiting us in Provence. Our trusty Level8 suitcases were all set in our hallway, their stylish look hinting at the adventures ahead.

Provence unpacked - Level8 suitcases © French Moments

Provence unpacked - some of our Level8 suitcases in the hallway © French Moments

Opting for the comfy services of DS Airport Cars, we began a journey that seamlessly mixed travel ease with the charm of a Provencal getaway. The roomy car easily held all our suitcases, making our way through the cloudy English weather towards the warmth of sunny Provence.

London Heathrow © French Moments

On our way to Heathrow © French Moments

The drive from Portsmouth to London Heathrow marked a shift, with our Level8 companions embodying the excitement of a sunnier destination. DS Airport Cars provided a smooth ride and treated us with excellent service.

From cloudy Heathrow to sunny Marseille

At Heathrow, our smaller suitcases and sleek backpacks joined us in the plane cabin, ensuring quick access to our essentials under the clear skies. In the plane's hold, the bigger suitcases waited, safely tucked away for the transition from cloudy England to the sunny South of France.

London to Marseille Flight © French Moments

London to Marseille © French Moments

Touching down at Marseille Airport marked the start of our sun-soaked adventure, and DiscoverCars kept the good vibes going. Choosing a car with enough space in the trunk, we found our suitcases effortlessly fitting in. The well-thought-out design of the Level8 suitcases made loading and unloading a breeze.

As the wheels of our rental car embraced the sunlit roads, we headed to the charming village of Bonnieux. Here, our Level8 suitcases proved their worth. The cobblestone streets, shining under the Provencal sun, posed no challenge to the suitcases' sturdy and easy-to-move wheels. 

Walking in the countryside of Bonnieux © French Moments

On a country road near Bonnieux © French Moments

In the heart of Bonnieux, our suitcases became more than just carriers of clothes; they glided gracefully over the stones, telling the story of our journey as we strolled towards our Provencal haven. Let the journey begin!

Morning Walks in Bonnieux, Luberon © French Moments

Bonnieux, Luberon © French Moments

Provence Unpacked: the Travel Ensemble

The Level8 set we had comprised five textured suitcases and a sleek black backpack, all sharing the same commitment to style and functionality. As a family of three navigating through airports and cobblestone streets, we couldn't have asked for better companions.

Geneva Airport - Level8 Textured Luggage © French Moments

Level8 Textured Luggage © French Moments

Our Suitcases at a Glance

  • 20" Pink & Navy Blue (x2): Carry-on cabin-friendly, boasting a capacity of 41 litres each. Perfect for those quick getaways or short stays.
  • 24" Navy Blue: A generous 68 litres of space, ensuring we didn't have to leave anything behind. Ideal for extended trips without sacrificing style.
  • 28" Navy Blue: A spacious 99-litre, providing room for all our essentials. Plus, the 'voyageur collection' featured a wider trolley system, making it a breeze to manoeuvre.
Paris in Bloom - Level8 Glitter Carry On Luggage © French Moments

The Pink 20'' suitcase © French Moments

Standout Features

  • Practicality in Every Detail: TSA-approved combination lock, telescopic handle with four height levels, top and side carry handles, and an extended depth that accommodated oversized items – Level8 had our convenience in mind.
  • Organisational Haven: Inside each suitcase, zipped dividers, pockets, and straps turned packing into an art. No more rummaging through our belongings – everything had its place.
  • Wheels of Endurance: Rubber-padded double-wheels ensured a smooth glide over even the most challenging terrains, while the 360° spinner wheels added a touch of sophistication to our journey. Silent revolutions spoke volumes about quality.
  • Material Mastery: Crafted from Germany-based Bayer Makrolon® materials, these cases were durable, lightweight, and waterproof. The diamond-shaped textures with anti-scratch surface technology hinted at the meticulous attention to detail.
Level8 Textured 28" © French Moments
Paris in Bloom - Level8 Glitter Carry On Luggage © French Moments
Level8 Textured 28" © French Moments
Level8 Textured Luggage © French Moments
Level8 Textured Luggage © French Moments

In the Backpack's Embrace

The black Atlas Laptop Backpack proved to be more than a mere sidekick. With ample space to cradle my laptop, tablet, and many cables and electronic gadgets, it became the unsung hero of our tech-centric travels. Weighing in at just 1.5 kg, it effortlessly straddled the line between a commuter's dream and an overnight adventurer's confidant.

Level8 Atlas Laptop Backpack © French Moments
Level8 Atlas Laptop Backpack © French Moments

A final word

And there you have it - the tale of our Provence unpacked adventure with our trusty Level8 suitcases.

From the cloudy skies of Portsmouth to the sunny vibes down south, these suitcases were more than just bags. They made travelling a breeze, whether we were cruising in the comfy rental car or rolling down the cobbled streets of Bonnieux.

Level8 Textured Suitcases © French Moments

Our suitcases, with their easy-to-move wheels, were the unsung heroes, handling everything from plane holds to Provencal stones.

As we wrap up our 40-day adventure, we're grateful for these suitcases that made life on the go much more manageable. So, here's to our Level8 suitcases - the real MVPs of our Provencal escapade. Until the next adventure, they'll be waiting, ready for the next chapter.

Gems of Paris by French Moments
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