Pronunciation of French adverb “Plus”: when to sound the S?


The pronunciation of “plus” can be a bit tricky: do we apply an s sound as in “pluss” or not like in “plu“? And what about the liaison when the final consonant (here s) connects with a following word starting with a vowel or a silent h? All depend on context and meaning.

A student in our French Moments centre asked us this question last week and we thought it might be interesting to create a chart with the rule of when to sound the s to the French word “plus“. A good rule to remember (although quite simplistic) is to pronounce the s when plus conveys a positive meaning, such as more and in addition. When it is used as a negative adverb (“no…more“), the s is mute [plu]. But things are not as simple and there are a few exceptions found here below:

Prononciation Plus © French Moments

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