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Last Updated: 6 September 2022

At French Moments we are carefully choosing selected partners to work with, who can help add value to your next French or European experience, and we think we’ve found one that you will love! I recently had the great pleasure of trying out Dineindulge, which offer a private chef experience.

They got in contact with us and after arranging a complimentary trial we gave them a big thumbs up. There are some days I love my job more than others and trying out Dineindulge and having a private chef cook for me was definitely one of the good days!

So disclaimer over… yes I got to try out their service for free (and make you all jealous!) but all opinions and words are my own and we only work with companies we wholeheartedly can recommend.


Private chef for home or holidays – the concept

Whether you live in Europe or are on holiday Dineindulge can help make your life easier with their private chef experience which is currently available in 11 countries: the UK, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, and the USA.

Dineindulge organises a carefully selected private chef to cook you a beautiful meal either at your home or away, wherever you might be on holiday. You get to relax over a drink whilst the chef takes over your kitchen and cooks for you.

Working with top quality produce and amazing chefs you are guaranteed a lovely meal. It’s perfect for family get-togethers, holidays, business meals, special celebrations or simple dinner parties. Check out their reviews. They even serve and do the washing up! I bet you’re interested now aren’t you…?!! 


A private chef without breaking the budget!

I’d always thought a private chef would cost a lot more than it actually does. Sure, if you choose a more fancy option like the tasting menu the budget goes up, but there are options that cost as much as if you go out for dinner at your local restaurant, which to be honest actually surprised me.

Current menus start from as little as £24.99 per person. If you factor in the petrol, parking and babysitters you won’t need it can work out much better value.

Dineindulge’s customer service is impressive with quick responses and a lovely website where you can view all the menu options and book your meal. They even kindly swapped a main course from one menu to another for me because I am a big fan of duck and well… it just had to be on there!

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party


How does it work?

You basically make the booking online and then once the date is confirmed you provide the time you want to eat, number of guests, food allergies, menu choices and address etc.

The chef will give you a call a few days before to confirm arrival time and double-check any specifics he/she needs to know about the kitchen space.

Dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party


Our chef arrived super organised with most things already prepped in advance. The menus are designed to be made in a domestic kitchen so no need to worry about how big your kitchen is or how many pots and pans you have.

You really don’t need to rush out and buy the latest colour of Le Creuset … (but shhh I won’t tell your partner if you don’t … the official answer is always a resounding yes! when “needing” more Le Creuset…)


Le Menu

On the night we indulged in the private chef experience we were 6 around the table for a relaxed dinner party that included some family and friends. Here is what we ate …. 

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

We went for a menu with hints of French flavours using the Premium 1 menu and swapped the lamb for the duck. They also have a lovely French-themed menu which for 3 courses costs £40.99 per head and has (yes you guessed it!) duck on the menu!


Book now for Christmas!

With the Christmas season fast approaching we wanted to launch our partnership with Dineindulge in style with a special offer for French Moments’ readers. To get a quote or make a booking CLICK HERE.

Dineindulge has released a special Christmas menu which is such a great idea for pre-Christmas dinner parties or for New Year. The Christmas 2018 menu has the option of 2 courses (£34.99) or 3 courses (£40.99) and has all the traditional flavours with a little modern twist.

Personally, I find Christmas menus often a bit dull but I really like the sound of this one … especially one of the dessert choices which sounds very yummy: Poached Fig & Rose Water Trifle served with Brandy Crème Anglaise & Caramelised Pistachios.

To organise a Christmas dinner party click here and of course, if you fancy a different menu you can still choose one of their regular menus.

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party


What I think of the DineIndulge experience

I was really impressed by how easy and professional the service was. With my daughter Aimée being 5 years old it was really nice to be able to put her to bed and not worry about a baby sitter whilst I enjoyed dinner downstairs.

It was a real treat and such a wonderful concept. If you want a night off from cooking on your holiday or at home for your next dinner party then I highly recommend trying them. Let us know if you do and what you think! One thing for sure is that you’ll be going back for seconds!

Bon appétit! Rachel

If you decide to give them a go French Moments gets a small amount of commission as a little thank you but we’re not going to be running away to join the circus (yet)!

Disclaimer: Although French Moments tried out the service and were very impressed by the quality and service provided by Dineindulge please note we cannot be held responsible for your own experience if you go ahead and make a booking based on our recommendation. A minimum spend applies so when making a booking check that you’ve met this (usually 7-8 people minimum depending on the menu chosen) otherwise a fee will be added to make up the minimum spend.

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Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

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