Photos of Provence: Gordes under the clouds © French Moments
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Last Updated: 18 November 2023

As our time in Provence comes to an end after a delightful stay spanning over five weeks, anchored in the picturesque hilltop village of Bonnieux in the heart of the Luberon, we would like to pay tribute to this magnificent region. In commemoration of this charming corner of the world, we've curated a compilation of my 50 most cherished photos of Provence.

My sincere hope is that these images will serve as a wellspring of inspiration, motivating you to embark on your own journey of exploration through the enchanting landscapes of the Luberon and Alpilles.

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My Photos of Provence

As you can imagine, my time in Provence was incredibly productive.

I had the opportunity to explore approximately fifty towns and locations, all within a 50-kilometre radius of our home base in Bonnieux.

I meandered through the charming, narrow lanes of the most exquisite hilltop villages, hiked through lush forests adorned with oak, pine, and cedar trees, strolled across fragrant lavender fields and bountiful orchards of cherry and olive trees, ventured to majestic off-the-beaten-path landmarks, engaged with extraordinary individuals over delightful candied fruits or honey, and cruised along France's picturesque roads, shaded by magnificent plane trees.

These photos of Provence now stand as a condensed visual summary of our incredible adventures.

Morning Walks in Bonnieux, Luberon © French Moments

Reflection in Bonnieux

Hilltops villages

Nestled among the picturesque landscapes of Provence are the enchanting hilltop villages that have stolen my heart. 

These timeless gems, perched on rocky outcrops, exude an irresistible charm.

From Bonnieux to Gordes, these photos encapsulate the quaint cobblestone streets, historic stone buildings, and breathtaking vistas that make these villages an absolute delight to explore.

Bonnieux © French Moments

Bonnieux © French Moments

Lacoste © French Moments


Roussillon © French Moments

Roussillon and Mont Ventoux

Photos of Provence: Gordes under the clouds © French Moments

Gordes © French Moments

Goult © French Moments


Ménerbes - Provence under the clouds © French Moments

Ménerbes © French Moments

Oppède © French Moments


Lauris © French Moments


Lourmarin © French Moments


Saignon © French Moments


Ansouis © French Moments


Eygalières © French Moments


Cucuron © French Moments


Simiane-la-Rotonde © French Moments


Lush countryside

Provence's enchanting countryside reveals a tapestry of lush landscapes, where every turn of the road brings new natural wonders.

My favourite photos of rural Provence capture the essence of this region, from rolling vineyards adorned with plump grapes to serene woods cloaked in oak, pine, and cedar. 

Strolling through fragrant lavender fields (yes - they can still smell in autumn!), I marvelled at the delicate beauty of cherry orchards and the timeless elegance of olive groves.

These photos are a testament to the bountiful charm of Provence's rural scenery and the sense of tranquillity that it imparts.

Bonnieux countryside © French Moments

The countryside of Bonnieux

Buoux © French Moments

The countryside of Buoux

Walking in the countryside of Bonnieux © French Moments

A walk in the countryside near Lacoste

Bonnieux countryside © French Moments

Bonnieux countryside

Walking in the countryside of Bonnieux © French Moments

A vine in the Bonnieux countryside

Walking in the countryside of Bonnieux © French Moments

Lavender fields in autumn (Lacoste)

Garrigue of La Barben © French Moments

Garrigue Landscape near La Barben © French Moments

Provence under the clouds © French Moments

In the countryside of Bonnieux © French Moments

Forêt des Cèdres in Bonnieux © French Moments

Forêt des Cèdres (Bonnieux-Lacoste)

Rustrel Colorado © French Moments

Rustrel Colorado

Provence's Weather Wonders

Indulge in the ever-changing tapestry of Provence's skies

From magnificent cloud formations to the golden hues of sunrises and sunsets, these photos offer a glimpse into the captivating and dynamic weather that graced our days in this enchanting region.

Each image tells a unique meteorological story, adding a layer of beauty to our Provence journey.

Sunrise in Bonnieux © French Moments

Sunrise in Bonnieux

Sunrise in Bonnieux © French Moments

Sunrise in Bonnieux

Bonnieux © French Moments


Bonnieux © French Moments

Bonnieux in the rain

Bonnieux by night © French Moments

Bonnieux by night

Clouds in Provence © French Moments

Cloud formation in the Luberon

Gordes under the clouds © French Moments

Gordes under the clouds

Sunrise near Bonnieux © French Moments

The Calavon valley and the hilltop village of Goult

Sunrise near Bonnieux © French Moments

Sunrise near Bonnieux

Sunrise near Bonnieux © French Moments

Sunrise near Bonnieux

Bonnieux countryside © French Moments

End of the day near Bonnieux

Provence sunset © French Moments

Sunset near Bonnieux

Lacoste © French Moments


Carrières des Lumières © French Moments

Starry nights by Van Gogh in the Carrières des Lumières

Joie de Vivre à la Provençal

These photos capture the essence of life in Provence, where every square is alive with bustling markets, charming restaurants, and the tantalising aromas of local delicacies. 

We experienced the vibrant atmosphere and culinary delights that make Provence a true paradise for the senses.

Maison Dora Maar © French Moments

Maison Dora Maar, Ménerbes © French Moments

Lourmarin © French Moments


Lagnes © French Moments


Gordes © French Moments


Lourmarin © French Moments


Eygalières © French Moments


Rocher Mistral © French Moments

Aimée dressed up at Rocher Mistral

Provence in Autumn - La Barben Zoo © French Moments

Autumn display at La Barben Zoo

Confiserie Saint-Denis © French Moments

Fruits confis from Confiserie Saint-Denis

Honey Gaec Aude Malbec © French Moments

Honey from Gaec Aude Malbec

Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt - Auberge des Voyageurs © French Moments

Auberge des Voyageurs in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt

Cucuron © French Moments


Fontaine-de-Vaucluse © French Moments


Aimée near Bonnieux © French Moments

On our last evening in Provence

Plan Your Provencal Escape

Are you feeling inspired? It's time to plan your adventure in this captivating corner of Provence. Whether you're drawn to the lavender fields, the vineyards, or the charming villages, the countryside of Bonnieux and Lacoste promises a memorable escape. So, pack your bags and immerse yourself in this idyllic region's rustic allure and natural splendour – your Provencal adventure awaits!

Visit the tourist board website for the area of Bonnieux.

Walking in the countryside of Bonnieux © French Moments

On the way to Lacoste

All photos © French Moments

Gems of Paris by French Moments
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  1. I loved following your journey in the Luberon, Pierre. Magnificent photography! I hope you are all keeping well. Debbie McW

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