Our Photo Usage Policy

First, let us share a story that hits close to home, one that underscores the importance of respecting creativity and effort in a world full of sharing.

Our story follows a passionate blogger. He embarked on a journalistic adventure to the stunning Mont Saint-Michel, driven to capture its essence and share it with the world. He funded his own journey – ferry crossing, lodging, parking fees, abbey tour – all from his own pocket. He embraced with fervour every moment, every detail, all in pursuit of the perfect story.

He wandered the cobblestone streets, soaking in the history. He climbed the abbey's steps, capturing its magnificence in his lens. Hours turned into days as he meticulously crafted his article, weaving his words to match the images he had worked so hard to capture. Three full days were invested – heart, soul, and time.

And then, he unveiled his creation. His blog post, an ode to Mont Saint-Michel, came alive with his personal touch, his captured frames enhancing every sentence. He poured his heart into his words and images, for they reflected his dedication.

Tips for Visiting Mont-Saint-Michel © French Moments

© French Moments

But, as time flowed on, something unsettling unfolded. The blogger discovered his Mont Saint-Michel snapshots scattered across other blogs and websites. These images, which held his memories and efforts, were being used without his consent. Frustration and a sense of violation washed over him.

It was as if someone walked into a bakery and took a slice of the most delectable pâtisserie without paying – a reflection of the very situation he found himself in. Would we do the same in a pastry shop, eyeing a tempting cake? A cake that took time, skill, and ingredients to create? Perhaps not. The blogger's experience is akin to the act of taking without acknowledging the value behind it.

This story resonates with us as we discuss our photo usage policy. Like that cake, each image holds a piece of our dedication and effort. Let's embrace the principles of respect and appreciation as we navigate the world of visual content.

3 Things to Know About Photo Usage Policy

Welcome to our photo usage policy page! We're excited to share the importance of photos in our content and how we handle their usage. Here's what you need to know:

1. Copyright Protection

At "French Moments," we take pride in our photos, which are stamped or marked with "© French Moments." These images are not available for free use and are protected by copyright. This means they cannot be used without permission.

2. Using Our Photos

If you're interested in using our photos, that's fantastic! Just reach out to us to discuss your needs. To use our images, you'll need to purchase the appropriate rights. Here's how:

  • Choose the photo(s) you want.
  • Let us know where and how you plan to use them.
  • For printed materials, share the audience size or the number of copies.

We believe in fair usage and ensuring our images are treated with respect.

3. Keeping Things Legal

We're all about sharing, but respecting copyrights is essential. Even when you come across our images on Google, social media, or our websites, they're not up for grabs. It's important to reach out and get our permission.

Why It Matters

Photos are the spice that brings our content to life online. Whether on social media or our websites, they enhance your experience. Just remember, each image has a rightful owner – us!

Our Copyright Partners

To safeguard our visuals, we've partnered with COPYTRACK. They're like our image detectives, using advanced technology to track our photos across the digital world. This helps us protect our work and maintain the value of our creations.


We appreciate your understanding of our photo usage policy. By respecting copyright rules, you're helping us continue to provide the best visual experience for everyone. If you have any questions or ideas, don't hesitate to get in touch. Let's keep the creative vibes flowing while playing fair!

Pierre taking photos in Savoie Mont Blanc © French Moments