Characters of the French amusement park © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix
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Last Updated: 21 June 2024


When we lived in the Ile de France, Parc Astérix was one of the premier French amusement park in the Paris region, constantly on the minds of those looking for an exciting day out.

Its unique charm and connection to a beloved comic series made it a standout choice among the various attractions available.

Like many of my compatriots, I grew up in a French family, and my world was deeply intertwined with the adventures of Asterix the Gaul.

Thanks to the brilliant work of Uderzo and Goscinny, I know every album by heart.

These stories have always been a significant part of my life, filled with humour and creativity.

In this article, I invite you to discover more about this quintessential destination near Paris.

Whether you're planning a visit for the upcoming Olympic Games or during the school holidays, Parc Astérix is a must-see for families seeking a memorable and enjoyable experience.

SOS Numérobis © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

SOS Numérobis © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Who is Asterix?

As many of my readers are from the United States and may not be familiar with the Asterix comics, let me introduce you to this cherished part of French culture.

Created by writer René Goscinny and illustrator Albert Uderzo in 1959, Asterix the Gaul is a series of comic books that has captivated generations of readers with its clever humour, engaging storylines, and vibrant illustrations.

Roche Astérix © A. Sobczyk - Parc Astérix

Astérix on his rock © A. Sobczyk - Parc Astérix

Ancient Gaul in 50BC

Asterix is set in 50 BC, in a small village in Gaul (modern-day France) that defiantly resists Roman occupation.

The protagonist, Asterix, is a small but fearless warrior known for his wit and resourcefulness.

Alongside his best friend, the larger-than-life Obelix, and a cast of colourful characters, Asterix embarks on numerous adventures, often outsmarting the Romans and encountering various cultures and historical figures.

Historical and Cultural References 

The comics are not just entertaining; they are rich with historical and cultural references, often presented with a humorous twist.

Goscinny and Uderzo's work is filled with puns, wordplay, and satirical commentary on contemporary society, making it enjoyable for children and adults.

Asterix le Papyrus de César 02 photo by French Moments

For instance, the Roman centurions, despite their might, are frequently depicted as bumbling and ineffectual, while the Gauls, with their indomitable spirit, symbolise resistance and resilience.

As a child, I was enchanted by these stories, and they significantly shaped my love for reading and storytelling.

Each album is a masterpiece of narrative and artistry, and knowing them by heart is a testament to their lasting impact on me and many others in France.

A Glimpse into French Popular Culture

For those unfamiliar with the world of Asterix, exploring these comics offers a delightful glimpse into French popular culture.

They provide not only laughter but also a unique perspective on history and human nature, all wrapped up in Uderzo's lively and expressive illustrations.

Asterix le Papyrus de César 01 photo by French Moments

Asterix le Papyrus de César photo by French Moments

Understanding the legacy and charm of Asterix adds an extra layer of appreciation when visiting Parc Astérix.

This French amusement park brings to life the beloved characters and adventures from the comics, making it a truly immersive experience for fans and newcomers alike.

The Story of a Popular French Amusement Park

Located approximately 35 kilometres north of Paris, near the town of Plailly, the French amusement park was developed to bring the world of Asterix the Gaul to life.

Parc Astérix has been voted "Best Large Park of the Year" in 2023 by the prestigious Park World Excellence Awards.

In 2024, the French theme park is celebrating its 35 anniversary.

Astérix and Obélix © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Astérix and Obélix © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Bringing Asterix to Life

The idea for Parc Astérix was conceived in the mid-1980s by Albert Uderzo, co-creator of the Asterix comic series, and the concept was to create a unique and immersive experience for fans of the beloved comics.

Parc Astérix opened its doors to the public on 30 April 1989, and since then, it has become one of France’s most popular amusement parks.

Ouverture Parc Astérix © Parc Astérix

Opening of Parc Astérix in 1989 © Parc Astérix

The park was designed to capture the spirit and humour of the Asterix stories, incorporating themed areas that reflect different aspects of the comic's world.

A Popular Success-Story

The park's success can be attributed to its unique blend of thrilling rides, engaging shows, and the charming world of Asterix that appeals to both children and adults.

Parc Astérix © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

One of the best Amusement Parks in France © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

By staying true to the spirit of the original comics while continually innovating and expanding, Parc Astérix has cemented its place as a must-visit attraction in the Île-de-France and Picardy regions.

Again, for visitors unfamiliar with the Asterix comics, the historical context of the park adds an enriching dimension to their experience.

It allows them to appreciate the cultural significance of Asterix in France and understand why this theme park holds a special place in the hearts of many.

Parc Astérix: What to See and Do

Since its opening, Parc Astérix has undergone numerous expansions and renovations.

It started with five themed areas, each inspired by the various adventures of Astérix and his friends.

Over the years, new attractions, shows, and themed areas have been added, continually enhancing the visitor experience.

Festival Toutatis © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Festival Toutatis © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Today, the French amusement park boasts over 50 attractions and a variety of live shows, catering to a wide range of age groups and interests.

The Park's Six Themed Areas

Parc Astérix is divided into six themed areas. Each area reflects a different part of the Asterix world.

Each themed area offers a unique experience, filled with fun and excitement.

The variety of rides ensures there’s something for everyone, from young children to thrill-seeking adults.

Exploring these different zones, you get to relive the adventures of Astérix and his friends in a truly immersive way.

The Gaul Village © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

The Gaul Village © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Here’s a personal tour of my favourites:

1. La Gaule (Gaul)

This area represents Astérix’s home village. It’s perfect for families with young children.

The Gaul Village © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

The Gaul Village © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

There are many gentle rides and fun play areas. The shows and character meet-and-greets here are a big hit with the little ones.

Gaul is also home to the water ride "Revanche des Pirates - le Grand Splatch".

La Revanche des Pirates - Le Grand Splatch © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

La Revanche des Pirates - Le Grand Splatch © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Also included in this area is the Festival Toutatis, the latest addition to the park. It offers a mix of new rides and entertainment, bringing even more excitement to your visit.

Festival Toutatis © Parc Astérix

Festival Toutatis © Parc Astérix

The attractions in this area are designed to thrill and delight visitors of all ages.

2. L'Empire Romain (Roman Empire)

This area is all about the battles between Astérix and the Romans. One of the main attractions here is "Les Espions de César" (Caesar's Spies), a monorail tour with pedal-powered chariots in which you take a seat to keep an eye on Getafix.

3. La Grèce Antique (Ancient Greece)

Inspired by the travels of Astérix, this section includes "Pégase Express," a fun and exciting roller coaster. It’s a great ride for families and offers a mix of speed and scenic views.

The theming here is beautifully done, making you feel like you’ve stepped into ancient Greece.

Pégase Express © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Pégase Express © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

The theming here is beautifully done, making you feel like you’ve stepped into ancient Greece.

4. L'Egypte (Egypt)

One of the newer areas, Egypt, features "OzIris," an inverted roller coaster that’s both thrilling and visually stunning. It’s one of the highlights of the park and not to be missed.

Oziris © V. Lansiaux - Parc Astérix

Oziris © V. Lansiaux - Parc Astérix

Here again, the attention to detail in the Egyptian-themed decorations is impressive.

La Tour de Numérobis © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

La Tour de Numérobis © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

5. Les Vikings

This zone is ideal for water ride enthusiasts. "Goudurix" is one of the French amusement park's favourite rollercoasters. The Viking area has a playful and adventurous atmosphere that kids especially love.

Goudurix © V. Lansiaux - Parc Astérix

Goudurix © V. Lansiaux - Parc Astérix

6. À Travers le Temps (Across Time)

This area takes you on a journey through different historical periods. It’s a fascinating mix of attractions that offer both fun and educational experiences. The rides here are varied, catering to different age groups and interests.

Les Chaises Volantes © V. Lansiaux - Parc Asterix

Les Chaises Volantes © V. Lansiaux - Parc Astérix

Shows and Entertainment

Parc Astérix offers a variety of shows and entertainment. Each show and event provides a break from the rides and offers something special for everyone.

Make sure to check the schedule so you don’t miss out on these fantastic experiences. Here are some highlights:

Stunt Shows

Enjoy thrilling stunt shows that bring the world of Astérix to life. Watch daring feats and impressive acrobatics.

Les Plongeons de l'Olympe © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Les Plongeons de l'Olympe © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Character Meet-and-Greets

Meet Astérix, Obélix, and other beloved characters. These encounters are perfect for photo opportunities and creating lasting memories.

Festival Toutatis © Parc Astérix

The Gauls at Festival Toutatis © Parc Astérix


Catch lively parades (Défilés Gaulois) featuring your favourite characters. The colourful floats and costumes are a visual treat.

Défilé Gaulois © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Défilé Gaulois © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Seasonal Events

Enjoy special events during Halloween (Peur sur le Parc) and Christmas (Noël Gaulois).

Noël Gaulois - Via Antiqua by night © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Noël Gaulois - Via Antiqua by night © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

These include themed shows, decorations, and unique attractions.

Défilé Gaulois de Noël © S. Cambon - Parc Asterix

Défilé Gaulois de Noël © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Park Astérix: Visit Tips and Info

Parc Astérix is a French amusement park that offers various services and facilities to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. Here’s a quick overview:


Stay at one of the park’s themed hotels. Options include the Hôtel des Trois Hiboux, Les Quais de Lutèce, and La Cité Suspendue. Each offers a unique experience and easy access to the park.

Les Quais de Lutèce © V. Lansiaux - Parc Asterix

The hotel complex, Les Quais de Lutèce © V. Lansiaux - Parc Astérix


Choose from a range of dining options. There are quick-service restaurants for a fast meal and sit-down restaurants for a more relaxed experience. Enjoy a variety of cuisines to suit all tastes.

Via Antiqua © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Via Antiqua © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix


Find souvenirs and merchandise in the park’s many shops. Take home a piece of the Astérix world with you. There are toys, clothing, and comic books available.

Marché de Lutèce © S. Cambon - Parc Asterix

Marché de Lutèce © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Guest Services

Guest services are available to help with any needs. This includes information desks and lost and found services. Friendly staff are always on hand to assist.


The park is accessible to guests with disabilities. Facilities and services ensure everyone can enjoy their visit, including wheelchair rentals and accessible attractions.


The park takes safety seriously. There are first aid stations and trained staff available to assist in case of emergencies. Follow all safety instructions on rides and attractions.

What to Bring

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Bring sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses for sunny days. Don’t forget your camera to capture memories.

Menhir Express © V. Lansiaux - Parc Astérix

Menhir Express © V. Lansiaux - Parc Astérix

Opening Hours

The park is usually open from early April to early November. Hours can vary, so check the website for the latest information. Special events may extend opening hours.


You can buy tickets online or at the gate. Purchasing online often provides discounts and faster entry. Various ticket options are available, including single-day and multi-day passes.

Parc Astérix © S. Cambon - Parc Asterix

At the Park © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix


The park is located about 35 km north of Paris, near the town of Plailly. It’s easy to reach by car or public transport.


A shuttle bus service runs from Paris to Parc Astérix. It’s a convenient option if you prefer not to drive. The shuttle departs from several locations in the city.


If you’re driving, there’s ample parking available. The parking lot is close to the entrance, making it easy to get to the park.

Tapis Volant © S. Cambon - Parc Asterix

Tapis Volant © S. Cambon - Parc Astérix

Final Words on a Great French Amusement Park

Parc Astérix is a fantastic destination for a day of fun and adventure. With its rich themes based on the beloved Astérix comics, thrilling rides, entertaining shows, and excellent facilities, it offers something for everyone.

Whether you’re a comics fan or just looking for a great French amusement park near Paris, Parc Astérix will surely delight you.

For an even more memorable experience, plan your visit to coincide with special events like the Olympics or school holidays.

Bring your family and friends and immerse yourself in the world of Astérix the Gaul.

I hope this guide has given you a good overview of what to expect. Enjoy your trip, and may your day at Parc Astérix be filled with joy and laughter!

Festival Toutatis © Parc Astérix

Festival Toutatis by night © Parc Astérix

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