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One of the most elegant and classic French towns, Nancy in Lorraine has an exceptional architectural ensemble from the 18th century which includes three beautiful squares and a medieval district that includes some of the finest churches in the region.

About the Lorraine city of Nancy

The architectural ensemble from the 18th century has been listed by UNESCO since 1983 and includes: Place Stanislas, Place de la Carrière and Place d’Alliance. Nearby is the restful Pépinière Park and the cathedral. The Old Town of Nancy, founded in the 11th century, has revealed itself to be a significant asset amongst visitors and amateur students of arts, with its narrow streets and the Ducal Palace. On your visit to the Lorraine city, don’t forget the city’s rich museums (Fine Arts, History of Lorraine, …) and Art Nouveau buildings designed by the “School of Nancy”.

The Ducal Palace, Nancy © French Moments

The Ducal Palace © French Moments

  1. Place Stanislas
  2. Place de la Carrière
  3. Parc de la Pépinière
  4. Old Town
  5. Place d’Alliance
  6. Cathédrale
  7. New Town of Duke Charles III
  8. Railway station
  9. Main shopping district

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  • How to get there

    TGV at the railway station of Nancy © French Moments

    TGV at the railway station of Nancy © French Moments

    Nancy is easily reached by car from Paris, Lyon, Belgium and Germany through the network of reliable motorways crossing Lorraine from West to East and North to South.
    From Paris, take the N4 which is mostly a dual-carriage-way. Belgium and Germany are not far away either thanks to the A31 and the A4.

    If you travel from Australia or America, take a flight to Paris Charles de Gaulle, Frankfurt or Luxembourg airports and rent a car from there! The closest international airport is actually Luxembourg, some 100 km away from Nancy by motorway.
    The TGV from Paris-Gare de l’Est take only 1.30 hours and links the Lorraine headcity without any stops along its way.

    Click here to reach the Tourist board of Nancy.

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