Mother’s Day coming up in France!


Mother’s Day is next Sunday in France and I’m looking forward to a lovely day with my little girl who is soon turning 2.

Mother’s Day is next Sunday in France and I’m looking forward to a lovely day with my little girl who is soon turning 2. She has taken on the English “mummy” rather than “maman” but the way she says it is very cute and can make my heart melt in seconds. She’s starting to know it has great power when passing a boulangerie or the beautiful merry-go-round that is currently in town.

The days are warming up and it’s that lovely time of year when everything is green and you can start to go out without a scarf and sometimes even without a coat… a kind of care-free innocence and the calm of the warm spring soothes my soul. Maisons-Laffitte is beautiful at this time of year. The other day we popped into our favourite pâtisserie (Bauget) to admire their Mother’s Day display. We were on our way back from Paris and were completely exhausted and disheveled so a fresh baguette was called for.

Pierre had his camera with him so got a few shots of their lovely display. Everything was pretty and pink with lovely little gifts for Mother’s Day along with all their regular enticing patisserie. Aimée has a thing for raspberries … les framboises as we call them here, and the owner, who is always so sweet with her, picked out some mini tartelettes and to Aimée’s delight offered her two. They were devoured in seconds but the smile of contentment on my little girl’s face made it worthwhile for everyone. It’s moments like these where you really appreciate living in a small town, being able to have a personal experience and I marvel at the fact that for Aimée, growing up in France this is normal. Little does she know that children in Australia or England don’t get quite the same luxurious choice when it comes to choosing something sweet!

For all the mamans reading this have a really happy “Fête des Mères” next weekend.

English-French Vocabulary

(f) for féminin, (m) for masculin, (adj) for adjective and (v) for verbs

cake gâteau (m)
celebration célébration (f)
family famille (f)
father père (m)
Father’s Day Fête des Pères (f)
flower fleur (f)
gift cadeau (m)
love amour (m)
May mai 
mother mère (f)
Mother’s Day Fête des Mères (f)
mum maman (f)
pastry shop pâtisserie (f)
pay tribute rendre hommage (v)
public holiday    jour férié (m)

Location: 18 Avenue de Longueil, 78600 Maisons-Laffitte, France

The Bauget pastry shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday 8.30am-1pm and 3.15pm-7.30pm and on Sunday from 8.30am to 1pm. Closed on Monday.


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