May Day: Our beautiful photos of Lilies of the Valley


Last week we went on a walk in a forest in Alsace to look for lilies of the valley. Here are a few photos of ‘muguet’ taken on site!

Le muguet du printemps

The First of May is a public holiday in France known as “La Fête du Travail”. It is tradition to offer a sprig or a bouquet of lilies of the valley to loved ones and colleagues at work. Some people who live close to a forest in northern France walk to a ‘secret place’ where the spring flower abounds.

Much smaller than their cultivated counterparts, wild lilies from the woods have a pleasant smell. The French call it “le muguet”.

Our ‘secret place’ for picking wild lilies is found in a forest in southern Alsace near the little town of Altkirch… but don’t even think looking for this place too as our ‘muguet’ was 3 weeks early!

Lilies of the Valley in forest © French Moments

Lilies of the Valley © French Moments

Lilies of the Valley from the woods © French Moments

A sprig of lily of the valley © French Moments

A sprig of lily of the valley in Alsace © French Moments

English-French Vocabulary

(f) for féminin, (m) for masculin, (adj) for adjective and (v) for verbs

  • bunch = bouquet (m)
  • flower = fleur (f)
  • forest = forêt (f)
  • leaf = feuille (f)
  • lily of the valley = muguet (m)
  • May = mai (m)
  • May Day = Premier mai (m)
  • to pick = cueillir (v)
  • sprig = brin (m)
  • spring = printemps (m)

Find out more about May Day and lilies of the valley in France here.


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