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Last Updated: 31 July 2023

We put air travel on hold for a few years, waiting for the best opportunity to return to France. It will be a dream come true in a few weeks when we go to Provence and the French Alps. As we plan our future expeditions, we received a request for a review from LEVEL8. It was very timely. So if you want quality luggage before you travel, you have come to the right place. LEVEL8 is an excellent choice; we will demonstrate this through this review.

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The Textured Luggage Set

Given the price of good-quality luggage, it is wise to carry a little research before making a big purchase.

If you’re on the hunt for a new suitcase to bring on your next trip, LEVEL8 is an excellent choice and the Textured Luggage 2 Piece Set is one of the top luggage sets.

Level8 Textured Suitcases © French Moments

The Level8 Textured Suitcases © French Moments


We ordered our set of suitcases online and received them in good time. The suitcases were delivered to us in a large box. Inside, the large case contains the smaller one. All were in perfect condition.

Level8 Textured Suitcases © French Moments

Unpacking the Level8 Textured Suitcases

Top quality materials

The LEVEL8 Textured Luggage Set uses Germany-based Bayer Makrolon® materials, which means the cases are durable, incredibly lightweight, and waterproof. In addition, the diamond-shaped textures come with anti-scratch surface technology.

The wheels

The rubber-padded double-wheels will endure the cobblestone streets of Paris as they are very durable and manoeuvrable. And, icing on the cake, the 360° spinner wheels are quiet to roll!

Level8 suitcase © French Moments

The spinner wheels of the suitcase © French Moments

You can smoothly glide the case next to you or behind you across airport floors to your gate number.

Dimensions and colours

The luggage set comes in a variety of colours. We choose the grey set, but five other colours are available: navy, black, light blue, olive drab and pink.

Level8 Colours

The dimension is 20’’ and 24’’; however, you can choose larger sizes (20’’ and 26’’ or 20’’ and 28’’ - although fewer colours are available).

👍 Good to know! You can choose mixed colours for one set. When ordering, just leave a note when you add it to the cart.

The 20’’ suitcase (14.57” L x 9.3” W x 21.5” H) is a carry-on cabin-friendly case. It is just under the limits of a large cabin bag onboard Easyjet and Ryanair. It is an excellent choice for shorter trips and when you don’t want to travel with check-in luggage.


The 20'' suitcase has a capacity of 38 L.

With a capacity of 67.9 L, the 24″ suitcase is a medium size check-in luggage in which we can pack more items for longer trips.

Level8 Textured Suitcases © French Moments

The Level8 Textured Suitcases

Because the suitcase set has a greater depth than most cases, we can pack more oversized items (which has often been an issue when bringing back deep-sized objects from our trips to France).

Lock and handles

The set includes a TSA-approved combination lock on the top of the case, a durable telescopic handle (4 height levels), and top and side carry handles. These additional grips come very helpful when you need to climb stairs.

TSA Approved combination lock © French Moments

The TSA-approved combination lock

Inside the suitcases

Organising your things is easy since there are zipped dividers, pockets, and straps.

Inside the Level8 suitcase © French Moments

Inside the suitcase

Level8 Textured Suitcases © French Moments

Inside the large case

Both the 20″ and 24″ Textured Luggage come with:

  • Mesh dividers on both sides with double zipper pulls.
  • Two zipped pockets on the left mesh divider, making it easy to organise and compress your things/clothes.
  • The right side has a nylon luggage strap with a quick-release buckle under the mesh.

About warranty

Level8 offers a lifetime warranty that covers any functional damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers, or anything else that impairs your use of the luggage. Click here to learn more about their warranty.

Level8's useful accessories

The interior of the suitcases is well-partitioned thanks to the spaces provided for this purpose. But there are ways to perfect the organisation of your belongings with some must-have accessories available on the Level8 website.

The organiser bag set for the suitcases © French Moments

The organiser bag set for the suitcases

The Organiser Bag Set 

This essential accessory consists of 4 Packing Cubes.

They make travel life so much easier and keep things separated, clean and tidy! They are easily the most efficient solution to maintaining order inside your suitcase!

The set is sleek and chic, and the various sizes are ideal as they combine perfectly in the suitcases without wasting space.

In addition, if you have to open your bag in front of others (it happens at security, isn't it?), everything you packed in there stays private.

The LEVEL8 Organiser Bag Set includes:

  • an extra Large Cube for clean clothes
  • a Large Cube for dirty clothes or shoes
  • a Medium Travel Cube for electronic gadgets and cords
  • a Cosmetic Bag with interior dividers helping to organise various items better
  • two Tone Polyester Fabric, Anti-Mildew & Water-Repelled
  • detachable Rubber Patches which help identify what each bag holds
Level8 Accessories © French Moments

The clever rubber patches © French Moments

Tech Organiser

For a traveller like me who needs to travel with several cables, cards, external hard drives and so on, the organisation of these features in the suitcase often becomes a nightmare. Fortunately, LEVEL8 offers a thought-out solution: the Tech Organiser.

The LEVEL8 Tech Organiser features:

  • Made of water-repellent nylon material, it protects all electronic products and makes your travel hassle-free.
  • Two spacious main compartments organise your digital products, specially designed for cables, power bank, phone, USB, earbuds, SD card, and mouse.
  • A durable YKK zipper makes it smoother the more you use them.
  • Dimensions: 10.2”L X 3.1”W X 5.1”H

Hopefully, this LEVEL8 suitcase review has helped you to decide whether or not the LEVEL8 Textured Luggage 2 Piece Set and its accessories are the right suitcases for you!

And if you click this link and use our LEVEL8 discount code frenchmt10, you can get 10% off any purchase!

This article is sponsored by LEVEL8 who sent us the Textured Luggage 2 Piece Set + Accessories to try ourselves. All opinions are our own.

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