Jean Nouvel architecture in Sydney


Ann, one of our French students, wrote this post about Jean Nouvel’s new building in Sydney, Australia.

This week in class we have been considering the work of the celebrated French architect Jean Nouvel. His stunning, and sometimes controversial, buildings are landmarks in many of the world’s cities including Paris, New York, Barcelona, London and Qatar.

It may come as a surprise to many to discover that we have, in Sydney, our own newly completed building designed by Jean Nouvel.

One Central Park is the first stage of the redevelopment of an old brewery site on Broadway, near Central Station. At the heart of the development is a new public park of 6,500 square metres. The Nouvel building incorporates an apartment complex, a shopping centre, restaurants and a heliostat, a unique cantilevered section, high in the sky, which provides light to the parkland below.

Another distinctive feature of the development is the use of plants to create “green walls”.  The world’s tallest vertical garden was designed by another Frenchman, Patrick Blanc. Nouvel and Blanc have designed many projects together, including the Quai Branly Museum in Paris.

So this exciting new development is a little taste of Paris and brings new life to a previously derelict part of Sydney.


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