In search of Spring in Paris: at the Eiffel Tower


Today we reached central Paris in search of Spring. We thought the best spot to experience the first signs of springtime would be at the Eiffel Tower, more precisely in the Champ-de-Mars. As Spring arrives, the park becomes speckled with ephemeral cherry blossoms…

Spring. The season where Paris awakens from a long Winter sleep. Suddenly, a springtime atmosphere is portrayed by the tender green of the trees’ first leaves, the flowerbeds of fresh pansies and tulips, and the colourful trees in blossom. With days getting longer and generous sunlight, people do not hesitate to visit parks and gardens and to stroll along the River banks of the Seine. This is going to be a nice season and we can’t wait to share more of our photos with you!

As for now, this post gives a selection of some of our best shots taken today in the Champ-de-Mars with the soaring Eiffel Tower in the background…



About Author

Pierre is a French/Australian who is passionate about France and its culture. He grew up in France and Germany and has also lived in Australia and England. In 2014 he moved back to Europe from Sydney with his wife and daughter to be closer to their families and to France. He has a background teaching French and holds a Master of Translating and Interpreting English-French with the degree of Master of International Relations and a degree of Economics and Management.

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