Have a Merry Mild Christmas in Paris!


The chance of having a white Christmas in Paris is down to zero as mild weather is expected to last for another week.

Ok we realised a few days ago that there will be no Winter wonderland coming on our way in Paris for Christmas… but more than the lack of snow, it is more the mild temperatures that are disturbing. New leaves burst out of the buds in fresh green colour as the sun gets brighter and warmer. Some flowers reappear here and there, and there is a multitude of pâquerettes (daisies) on the grass. The birds are happily tweeting and singing day and night… have we skipped Christmas? For this sounds (and looks) more like Easter!

This is not the first time it happens for there is an old expression in French that says: “Noël au balcon, Pâques au tison” (literally: Christmas on the balcony, Easter next to the mantelpiece). According to the saying, a too mild Christmas heralds a cold beginning of Spring. If you spend Christmas outside, you’ll spend Easter under the snow! We’ll let you know in a few months…

This next photo was taken on Boxing Day 2015 from Quai de la Mégisserie in Paris. The weeping willows of the square du Vert-Galant have offered themselves new fresh leaves for Christmas!


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