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By Emily Jones. There are quite a few things that instantly come to one’s mind when talking about Paris, and most often, it’s art, fashion and food. The French cuisine is well-known all around the world and definitely is worth the trip to the glamourous French capital. So book your holiday in France and find the best hotel deals in Paris via sites like this, and head to Paris to tour the city discovering a vast variety of culinary delights and tickle your palate.


Taste French Cheese

France produces some of the best and most delicate and flavorful cheese in the world, so when in Paris, you know you cannot miss Fromagerie Trotté in the Marais neighborhood. Cheeses from all regions of France are displayed on open refrigerated shelves that allow customers to take a better look at the products and smell them, a real treat for the nose of any cheese lover.

Le Marché of Heathfield © French Moments
Ordering French cheese © French Moments


Eat Crêpes

One of the finest street foods on earth, crepes may be considered overrated by many, as they are well-known and prepared all around the world, but there is nothing better than having one in Paris. You can buy one at a stall when walking the streets of Paris, choose your filling and then enjoy it along the banks of the Seine. Salty or sweet, it’s absolutely delicious!

Lyon Old Town © French Moments
We’re enjoying a crêpe in Rue Saint-Jean, Lyon © French Moments


Eat Like a Parisian

If you prefer eating your lunch in a cosy place and taking all the time that it takes, Benoit is definitely the place to go. It’s one of the most famous brasseries in Paris, established more than a hundred years ago. Here you can taste and indulge in real French food, such as fresh French baguette, delicious pâté, and of course a dish of snails for the bravest ones.


Visit a Pâtisserie

A pâtisserie is a kind of French bakeries that specialize in sweets and pastries. Gerard Mulot patisserie is considered one of the best in the city, and it offers a wide range of pastries of all sizes, colours and kinds: from traditional croissants, pain au chocolate, and éclairs to more sophisticated cakes and sweets. This place is definitely a must-visit.

Croissant Au paradis Gourmand Paris © French Moments
French Croissant © French Moments


Live Like a Parisian

Enjoy the best of Paris and try to live like a Parisian during your stay. Spend some time in La Cagnotte de Belleville, a bar in the centre of Paris, where you will be able to meet ordinary Parisians, from busy workmen having their morning coffee to mums with strollers enjoying their breakfast, and alternative artists and young people enjoying their night out.


Cook Like a Parisian

When it’s time to go back home, you can still continue to enjoy exquisite French cuisine by recreating the amazing dishes you had in Paris at your home. How? Before leaving France, attend a cooking class, for example, like those organized at La Cuisine Paris, where you can learn to bake pastries and cook traditional French dishes. There are various cooking classes offered for different levels of expertise. Share the magic of Paris and its taste with your loved ones!

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