Many of us have been to Paris, or at least are familiar with several Paris landmarks.

The Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre…

Inevitably, these places became quickly crowded by mid-morning... (well, except during the pandemic of course!)

Tourists arrive by busload to storm these monuments and museums.

It's ok to do it once but you wouldn't venture again by these sites another time.

Well, after all this is Paris, you might think.

But, as you know deep down, there is much more to see and discover.

An unsuspected Paris, often away from the crowds.

A secret, even mysterious Paris that can be discovered at the turn of an alley.

A surprising Paris, where the countryside seems to want to resurface, far from the urban jungle.

The problem is that many visitors looking for that don't know where to go.

You may be one of them.

You've seen all the main monuments, visited all the important museums.

But you want to discover the secrets of Paris by going on a treasure hunt.

To do this, you need to know where these places are located and their stories.

This will require time, energy and focus from you:

👎 You will have to do extensive research on the internet.

👎 Buy books and tourist guides in the hope of discovering these places.

👎 And then you'll have to sort out all the information you've found.

It looks like it's going to be a tedious job.

And, frankly, you don't have the time or the inclination.

It takes time, energy and focus.

Oh mon Dieu ! ?

The GOOD NEWS is that I've done all of this for you!

Yep, I'm here to help you!

I know Paris well. Very well indeed.

This discovery guide contains no less than 50 sites to explore.

That's more than enough if you stay a week in the City of Lights.

Over the years I have:

🚶🏻‍♂️walked the streets of the city extensively,

🔍 scoured each of the 20 arrondissements in search of nuggets to prepare a discovery guide for you,

📸 taken hundreds of photos of my discoveries,

ℹ️ gathered tons of facts and info,

? researched many sources to discover more anecdotic stories...

🤩 and just recently I've worked like crazy going through it and transforming it into a brand new discovery-guide.

I've put a lot of thought into it and come up with a structure that will help you delve into the hidden gems of Paris.

The discovery-guide is intended to help you: 

  • discover sites off the beaten tracks and outside the main monuments
  • find them easily with the nearest métro/RER stations
  • gather info for your next trip to Paris
  • learn (where) to look up, to stop unexpectedly and... to get lost!! 
  • simply satisfy your curiosity
  • learn new things just for the joy of learning
  • delve into the history of Paris
  • enjoy some armchair travel (if you aren't visiting Paris soon)
  • prepare a school presentation (if you want to add something special and unique)

The online discovery guide I designed is a unique product entirely dedicated to the hidden gems of Paris. 

By saying ‘unique’ I mean there are no other courses of its kind on the web! 

You’ll be one of the few to discover things that many others (including Parisians) don’t know!

The ultimate course to unveil the HIDDEN GEMS OF PARIS!

This is the only online discovery guide 100% dedicated to the hidden gems of little-known Paris.

And I'm thrilled to present it to you today!

You will learn unusual things about Paris that no tourist guides will tell you!

Together, we'll go beyond the tourist experience of the City of Lights as we escape the uniform, the expected, the predictable of the contemporary city.

We'll unearth many gems by giving them a name and a story.

Think about it: you will find out interesting facts that many others don't... even the French themselves!

Yes, you will even be able to show off your knowledge to Parisians! Oh là là !

Paris Walking Tours. Photo by RossHelen via Envato Elements

Paris Walking Tours. Photo by RossHelen via Envato Elements

Statue of Liberty, Paris © French Moments

The Statue of Liberty of Paris © French Moments

Montmartre Walking Tour 13 April 2016 07 © French Moments
March in Montmartre 07 © French Moments

WHO IS this course FOR?

  • This online course is designed especially for lovers of Paris, who are curious to know more. If you like to dive into history and anecdotic facts, the French capital has a lot to show you!
  • If you intend to use this discovery-guide on-site, you need to explore the city on foot!
  • It is also perfect for armchair-travel! It's like I'm delivering a little taste of Paris to your home. You could follow me on Google Maps and explore the places with photos provided in the discovery-guide.

Who is this Course nOT for:

  • Although this discovery-guide takes the form of a course (for practical reasons), it does not give a qualification! However if you are a studying French at Uni it might add depth to an assignment.
  • This course is designed for France-enthusiasts. If you're not interested in diving deeper into French culture this might not be for you.


The online course is made up of a series of 6 modules and a bonus section.

Each module contains a number of hidden gems (50 in total) which cover geography, history, fun facts and culture.

The content takes the form of videos (slideshows with voice over) and also includes texts and photos.

Gems of Paris Course Screenshot
Gems of Paris Course Screenshot
Gems of Paris Course Screenshot
Gems of Paris Course Screenshot

Check out the content of the module by expanding the following toggles:


Be prepared

Be curious

Be surprised


9 sites in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th arrondissements


7 sites in the 5th, 6th and 7th arrondissements


7 sites in the 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th arrondissements

8 sites in the 16th and 17th arrondissements


8 sites in the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th arrondissements

5 sites in the 16th, 17th and 18th arrondissements

6 sites in the 19th and 20th arrondissements


Course Conclusion



Arrondissements of Paris Explained

The Map of the Paris Métro and Bus network

Music Videos of Paris

Resources for finding your Paris Gems

A Commented View from the Top Floor of the Eiffel Tower


PIERRE, author of 1500+ articles about FRANCE!

As a French national, you’d think I know everything about Paris and France... but to be honest this knowledge comes from hundreds of hours of research.

Born in Nancy, Lorraine, I'm fascinated by monuments and beautiful places. I have always been curious and eager to unveil the mysteries of history. And I have always been interested in wandering off the beaten track.

In the past I've lived in France, Germany, Australia and am now based in the UK where I run French Moments Ltd, a company my wife and I founded to promote beautiful France and its language.

Whilst living in Sydney, Australia, I got busy studying a Master of Translation & Interpretation English-French with Master of International Relations... then I ran a French language centre before returning to Europe. But more than anything what motivates me is writing about France and sharing it with the world.

Started in 2008, our blog has attracted over 1 million visitors in 2019 and has become well referenced on the web today.

Throughout my time living in Paris and Annecy, I offered guided tours to people coming from around the globe: the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, India... I loved seeing people's faces come alive as they discovered new places.

My passion is to help people discover France, whether in person or from the comfort of their armchair!

And this discovery-guide about the Hidden Gems of Paris was born out of this passion...

I hope you enjoy the journey!



As this is a brand new course, I don't have testimonials (yet) from happy students. However, here are a few things our previous clients and readers have left me. 

The organisation of the 2 weeks intensive course in Alsace was superb, truly professional and wonderful attention to detail. Your standards are second to none, the nice little touches with our 'surprise packages', professional booklets and materials, the excursions etc. Superb!


Sydney, Australia

Somehow your blog appeared on my computer much to my delight.. This is just what I want having done all the touristy things I want to get into the real parts of Paris.



I wanted to tell you that your blog does exactly what I want it to do. It shows me different areas of France, gives a personal perspective, gives me ideas on what areas I would like to see.



Thank you for your email and the ebook. I hope to visit some of your list. Thank you for such an amazing blog it is a wonderful sharing you have with the world.



Imagine a fairytale village set in beautiful vineyards, nice companions, a course well-organised in every detail - small classes, experienced teachers, many opportunities to engage with French people – and a varied program of excellent excursions … I had fun, learned a lot and made good progress.


London, UK

Joining your course was the best decision I could make. It made me realize what I need to do if I am ever to progress in French. Your course was my first true conversational experience!

Thanks, Pierre!


Georgia, USA

Grâce à vous, nous avons passé de magnifiques vacances près de Colmar. Les visites des endroits que vous avez suggérées nous ont conquis. MERCI mille fois pour vos articles très détaillés qui font rêver et surtout nous donnent des indications nécessaires pour découvrir le Grand Est.



I wanted to tell you that your blog does exactly what I want it to do. It shows me different areas of France, gives a personal perspective, gives me ideas on what areas I would like to see.



Bravo pour ce que vous faites : c’est toujours avec beaucoup de passion, de précision … c’est tout simplement très vivant et si "local".



I wanted to let you know how interesting I find your writing. I was to be travelling in France about now but . . . In locked down Melbourne I travelled in my mind instead and read your posts and follow up on the information in them. Again, thank you.


Melbourne, Australia

Merci pour cette richesse d'informations sur les lieux et patrimoines de nos ancêtres. Nous avons hâte que la pandémie s'arrête pour retourner en Alsace, cette fois avec les objectifs d’aller à la rencontre des lieux de vie et d'histoire de nos aïeux. Pour combler cette attente, vos reportages activent notre curiosité et nous permettent de creuser les histoires de ces grandes familles de petits nobles. Encore merci pour tous ces rayons de soleil.



You are a treasure, and no one knows France as you do, and your photography to support it all is sublime!


California, USA

  • Go BEYOND the tourist experience & discover 50 hidden gems of Paris.
  • Become the CURIOUS Paris-lover who likes to delve into history and fun facts.
  • Follow a UNIQUE discovery-guide entirely dedicated to the City of Lights.
  • Learn about unusual things that even Parisians don't know!


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  • Where is Paris' oldest house dating back to 1407?
  • Where to see a Château of the Loire in central Paris?
  • What is the mystery behind the follies of Parc Monceau?
  • Where is Paris' oldest restaurant where Napoleon's hat is on display?
  • Where are located the most extravagant Art Nouveau buildings in Paris?
  • Why a square off the Grands Boulevards was named after the king of England?
  • Where are some of the most elegant and romantic squares of Paris?
  • Why a typical Paris feature is the ancestor of today's shopping malls ?
  • Where was filmed that beautiful scene of Amélie skipping stones at a canal?
  • From which Paris district came the people who stormed the Bastille in 1789?
  • What is the story behind Paris' third island?
  • Which street was named after a famous writer during his lifetime?
  • Why a chateau was gutted to make way for a new street?
  • Where to find a street with colourful façades not far from a railway station?
  • Which district holds the nickname the "Notting Hill of Paris"?
  • Where are the most idyllic villages of Paris?


A bientôt! 

Montmartre June 2015 8 copyright French Moments

Montmartre © French Moments

Square des Peupliers Paris Spring © French Moments
Rue Berton, Paris
Half-timbered houses on rue Francois Miron, Paris © French Moments
11th arrondissement of Paris © French Moments
Sens Hotel, Paris © French Moments
Mouzaïa district Paris
Cour du Commerce Saint-André Paris