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Last Updated: 2 September 2022

Every time of the year is a good one to visit France. Each season or even each month changes the atmosphere, the scenery and the opportunities to discover every part of the country. Autumn is many people’s favourite time to visit France, and this year should be no exception. Visitors should be aware that, this year, their trip may contain some extra highlights if they plan on going for the four weeks from late November. That is because the football World Cup starts in late November, continuing until the festive period. For those who aren’t aware, football is massive in France, and the national team is the current holder of the World Cup. The France World Cup odds show that Didier Deschamps’ team is among the favourites to lift the trophy again. So at the very least, they will be expected to progress to the tournament’s latter stages.

France World Cup - Football Stadium by iheartcreative via Envato Elements
Photo: iheartcreative via Envato Elements


When is the World Cup tournament?

The first match kicks off in Qatar on Sunday 20th of November, with the final occurring four weeks later on the 18th of December.

France’s first game is against Australia on the 22nd of November and kicks off at 8.00 pm (CET).

Then, they will play against Denmark at 5.00 pm (CET) on the 26thof November, before completing their group matches on the 30th of November when they take on Tunisia at 4.00 pm (CET).

One of the attractions of the World Cup, however, is watching the other games, not just those involving your home nation. Therefore, many other matches will interest French football fans. France and its larger cities are also home to people drawn from all four corners of the world. Indeed, there won’t be a match that will not be of interest to a considerable number of people. Kick-off times for the group stages and the round of sixteen are at 11.00 am, 2.00 pm, 4.00 pm, 5.00 pm and 8.00 pm (all CET). The final will kick off at 6.00 pm in Qatar, meaning a 4.00 pm start in France.

France World Cup - Football Ball by maxxyustas via Envato Elements
Photo: maxxyustas via Envato Elements


Where to watch the France World Cup?

All the games will be shown on French television. However, if you are interested in watching football, the best way by far is to do so in a bar, café or dedicated fan zone.

Usually, the World Cup takes place during the summer months. They make outdoor fan zones or even a beachside bar the perfect location to relax with a cool drink while enjoying the action on the big screen.

France World Cup - Football Fans by biasciolialessandro via Envato Elements
Photo: biasciolialessandro via Envato Elements


However, this time, it is very unlikely the weather will be kind enough in November and December to make outdoor viewing plausible. Therefore, locations must rethink how they host their spectators. This means bars, cafés, and restaurants will be extremely busy during matches, creating a wonderful atmosphere. But maybe not so good if you are trying to enjoy a romantic meal for two. Forewarned is forearmed, however, so you would be advised to keep an eye on the fixtures and plan your days accordingly.

France World Cup - Football Ball by photocreo via Envato Elements
Photo: photocreo via Envato Elements


Football is very much part of France’s culture. So unless you oppose the idea, you should try to embrace the World Cup instead of actively avoiding it. If, as is expected, the national team progresses to the later stages of the competition and even manages to go all the way, the atmosphere in the towns and cities will be incredible. This should be when the nation comes together at no other time. Being in France at a time like that should certainly be seen as a positive thing and will provide even more unforgettable experiences for your time in the country.

Paris French Flag by RossHelen via Envato Elements
Celebrating France in Paris. Photo: RossHelen via Envato Elements


More info

Find out more about the France World Cup in Qatar:

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The skyline of Doha in Qatar © Thameur Belghith – licence [CC BY-SA 4.0] from Wikimedia Commons
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