FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments
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Last Updated: 17 August 2023


Looking for a high-quality ergonomic chair? The FlexiSpot BS11PRO is one of the best available in the market. It ticks all the boxes: the chair is well designed, easy to put together, and more importantly outstanding when it comes to features and ergonomics.

I’ve already been working a couple of dats seated on the BS11PRO and personally, I regard it to be comfortable even for long periods. It was amazing to feel the back and the lumbar support firm enough without being distracting. As for the headrest, it provided support when my eyes moved away from the computer screen!

I hope my full review will help you find out more about the BS11PRO ergonomic chair...

Delivery and assembling the chair

The FlexiSpot premium chair was delivered to me in a large box. The assembly was relatively easy and took me about 20 minutes (including the time to read the instructions).

FlexiSpot Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments
FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments
FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments
FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments

After 20 minutes of assembling the parts, voilà :

FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments

Why the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair stands out?

There are many things I like about the BS11PRO ergonomic chair. Let's go through a number of features that stand out!

Flexispot BS11PRO - OC14 Backrest Adjustment Function

The colour and texture

This BS11PRO only comes in three colours: black, gray and light blue (the US site also offers red). We choose the light blue chair.

BS11PRO - OC14 Black


BS11PRO - OC14 Grey


BS11PRO - OC14 Light Blue


BS11PRO - OC14 Red

RED (US only)

The main part of the chair (backrest and seated area) is made of breathable mesh fabric. It is a light and breathable material, ideal for long working sessions and comfortable even in hot weather. In addition, the fabric offers optimal blood circulation.

FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments

The weight

The chair can support users weighing up to 135Kg (298lb). The chair itself is quite heavy as it weighs 20Kg (44lb). However, the wheels make it very easy to move. Good to know if you’re working in a (very) small working place: the BS11PRO takes up a lot of space, much more than your average secretary's chair. 

FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments

Adjustable headrest

The headrest is flexible enough for a wider range of users (provided you rest your head often of course!) It can be adjusted over a range of 5 cm / 1.97'' and an angle of 12.5°. It can also be tilted up and down to suit your needs.

The arch-shape design makes the cervical vertebrae fits naturally, hence reducing the pressure from sitting.

FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments
FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments

Back frame

The back frame features a combination of polyurethane (PU) soft plastic, as well as hard plastic. The PU soft plastic is close to the user's back and can automatically adjust the back strength for the users according to their body weight.

FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments

Rotating armrests

Both armrests offer three-dimensional adjustment (height, depth and angle).

FlexiSpot Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments

Multifunctional handles

There are several multi-functional handles that can be used to adjust the elements of the ergonomic chair. Personally, I find this the most difficult part of adjusting a chair. It is best to refer to the instructions to learn how to use it properly! You will learn how to adjust:

  • the height of the seat
  • the backrest tilt resistance
  • the position of the seat
  • to lock/unlock the backrest tilt
Flexispot BS11PRO - OC14 Adjustment

In fact, this chair is suitable for tall people too. Its large dimensions allow tall users to work more comfortably, adapting to maintain the correct working posture.

FlexiSpot Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments

Practical legs with casters

The chair has five silver-coloured legs made of polished aluminium.

When looking for a new desk chair, it’s a very good idea to check out the wheels. It is indeed unpleasant to hear the wheels making noise as they roll across the floor. The BS11PRO is just ideal for that: 

Each of the five wheels has a multifunctional caster that allows the chair to roll quickly and quietly, making it suitable for all floors such as carpet, parquet or tiles.

FlexiSpot Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments
FlexiSpot Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments

BS11PRO Ergonomic Chair measurements

  • Max Weight support = 135 kg / 298 lb
  • Weight of the chair = 20 kg / 44 lb
  • Floor to Seat Height = 470-540 mm / 18.5''-21.26''
  • 5 years warranty (refer to the product page)
BS11PRO Flexispot
Flexispot BS11PRO - OC14
FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro © French Moments

In conclusion, if you want an ergonomic chair that is comfortable, easy to move around, and won't make any noise, then I recommend Flexispot’s BS11PRO chair. It's perfect for people who work from home like me and needs to invest in a high-quality chair that provides health and comfort.

I hope this article will help you get an idea about the product. If you are living in the US, please note that the BS11PRO has for codename OC14.

Need the perfect desk for the perfect chair?

FlexiSpot All-in-One Standing Desk © French Moments

You will love this enhanced FlexiSpot office desk!

Disclaimer: Just for you to know, FlexiSpot did not pay me to do this review, and everything I say about this Back Support Office Chair is based on my own opinion and experience. However, the links to the chair are affiliated.

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