Facts and Figures about Christmas Trees in France


For decades, getting a Christmas Tree has stayed a popular tradition in France. In fact, the decoration of Christmas trees are known to have been popular in Alsace as far back as the sixteenth century.  It is not surprising that residents would leave the shutters and curtains open so that all the people passing by can see their lit Christmas trees shining out of all the windows. Here are a few facts and figures about Christmas trees in France.

Facts and figures about Christmas Trees: did you know?

Facts and figures about Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree in the town of Thann, Alsace © French Moments

  • Approximately 5.7 million cultured Christmas trees were sold in France in 2014.
  • 26 euros: the average price of a cultured Christmas tree in 2014 in France.
  • In 2010, 88,4% of the trees were bought already cut.
  • According to a 2013 survey, more than the half of Christmas trees are sold in France between the 1st and 15th December.
  • In 2013, 20% of French households choose a real fresh-cut Christmas tree.
  • 1 million artificial Christmas trees are sold in France each year.

Few facts about the French and European production of Christmas Trees

Facts and figures about Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree sold in a local supermarket in France © French Moments

The production of cultured Christmas trees sold in France comes from various parts of Europe:

  • the Morvan in Burgundy. 25% of the trees sold in France come from there (spruce, nordmann and noble firs)
  • Brittany (18% of the French production), the Jura and the French Alps.
  • the provinces of Luxemburg, Liege and Namur in Belgium
  • Denmark. The Scandinavian country is the world’s first exporter of Christmas trees with 95% of its production sold abroad. The production amounts for 10 million trees produced by 4,000 farms. 95% are Nordmann Firs.

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