Easter Day in Maisons-Laffitte


It’s Easter Day and it’s a time of celebration with all it represents! The message of the cross equals love is what Easter is all about. We woke up early to a cold but sunny day in Maisons-Laffitte and Aimée (our almost 2 year old daughter) is at the age where she knows what chocolate is but had never done an Easter egg hunt. We don’t have a garden at the moment and haven’t got plants on our balcony yet so the great outdoors beckoned for a little egg hunt. Pierre strategically went out first and Aimée and I followed a few minutes later.

The sun was shining through the trees and there were daisies and cowslips dotted prettily through the green grass. The birds were singing and horses were in the distance … a perfect setting for her first egg hunt!

At first she didn’t quite get the hang of it and put the eggs back after finding them, but once she ate one or two she got the idea! The only slight problem was that the grassy area was a bit deeper than we first thought and at the end there was still one egg left unfound! A shame as they were really nice ones from the local chocolaterie. We ended up on our hands and knees searching. No doubt a local chien will find it on its next walk!

Aimée then settled on the pavement and tucked into her treasure after having picked some flowers and explored the side of the path. On getting home she was ready for a nap … Easter egg hunting is tiring business when you’re little!

When she woke up we enjoyed tucking into the Easter bunny from Bauget in Maisons-Laffiite. In France you don’t have so many commercial type easter eggs and where possible people still buy their eggs in their local chocolaterie. Inside the bunny was a lovely selection of little coloured sugary eggs, some filled with jelly, chocolate eggs and les fritures which are little chocolate fish and shells in dark, milk and white chocolate. These are popular in France at Easter. The bunny was filled to the brim with all these sweet confiseries and the quality of the chocolate and workmanship was evident in the eating! It was so prettily packaged too. Aimée’s first French Easter was a success!



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