Do you suffer from Santa Claustrophobia or Paternatolophobie?


Have you heard of ‘Paternatalophobie’? This French word means a general or irrational fear of Santa Claus. It is known in English as ‘Santa Claustrophobia’.

Have you heard of Santa Claustrophobia?

Paternatalophobie’ is French for ‘Santa Claustrophobia‘.

The irrational fear of the Père Noël is often found with little children aged less than 5.

A child shows its fear of Santa in places where he or she encounters the folkloric character.

The child cries, screams, refuses to get closer to him and even less to sit on his lap in the mall.

The reasons of this fear is often found in the impressive appearance of the big tall man.

His face is partially hidden behind a white long beard and white hair.

Its deep voice can also be frightening as are his fat belly and red coat with white collar and cuffs!

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