Discovering Rouffach in Alsace


After spending an entire week in bed with the flu, time had finally come to explore a bit of France during the fine weather days we are all enjoying here. For this first outing, we went to the little town of Rouffach in Alsace, situated along the Wine Route. Here is a photographic report…

Rouffach is a little town of 5,000 between Colmar and Guebwiller in the département of Haut-Rhin (Alsace). We had previously been there on our 2012 French Intensive Course in Kaysersberg at the Isenbourg Castle for a delicious meal. We did not have time to visit the town though… now it’s done!

The city boosts many historic edifices such as the monumental Notre-Dame church built in Romanesque and Gothic styles, the Witch Tower which served as a prison during the Middle-Ages, the old Corn Exchange, and the old Franciscan Convent.

The narrow little streets of Rouffach are bordered with some fine houses from the 15th to the 17th centuries which once belonged to opulent and wealthy families. Rouffach was an important stronghold along the route from Colmar to Belfort and once belonged to the Bishopric of Strasbourg.

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