Dineindulge: A Private Chef Experience Brought To You

Dineindulge: Bringing the Restaurant to You!

Dineindulge offers a unique and truly special private chef experience brought direct to you. The service combines a personal chef hire service with restaurant quality cuisine.

Dineindulge is ideal for Parties, Events and Special Occasions on holiday or at home. The service is now available across 11 countries: Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.

Why we highly recommend Dineindulge?

Dineindulge is a service we had the great pleasure to try out. We were really impressed by how easy and professional the service was. We believe this amazing experience will help add value to your next French, European or American experience.

Dineindulge's customer service is impressive with quick responses and a lovely website where you can view all the menu options and book your meal.

Our Dineindulge experience!

"On the night we indulged in the private chef experience we were 6 around the table for a relaxed dinner party that included some family and friends."

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

Check out what Dineindulge is about!

Click on the video below for a preview of how Dineindulge's private chef hire service works…

Dineindulge: Bringing the Restaurant to You

Dineindulge is a fantastic option to have restaurant quality food cooked for you and your friends and family in your home or your holiday villa. It's also a lovely way to host a dinner party for work where you can ensure the quality and enjoy a lovely meal while you focus on your guests!

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party
Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party
Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party

What does a Private Chef do?

What’s great with hiring a Dineindulge private chef is that he/she will prepare and cook for you in your own home or accommodation. It’s like having a personal chef catering specifically for you and your guests.

Your chef will arrive with all the ingredients and take over your kitchen. He or she will then prepare, cook, and serve your food to you and clear away your plates after you’ve finished. 

The private chef’s job is to meet the needs and requirements of your party and do this all in the comfort and surroundings of your home. And what’s amazing is that they also do all the shopping, service and cleaning up meaning no dirty dishes waiting for you the next morning!

This is why Dineindulge calls it a private chef experience.

How to hire a Personal Chef with Dineindulge?

The concept of Dineindulge is that they do all the hard work for you so hiring a private chef becomes as easy as ordering takeout. 

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about finding the chef, vetting them, interviewing them, trialing them or even telling the chef what to do…the Dineindulge team will have done all of this for you.

When you hire a chef with Dineindulge you can relax knowing that wherever you are, they will provide you with the best private chef available. A personal chef who can deliver the restaurant quality experience you desire in the comfort of your own home or holiday accommodation.

For a step by step guide on how to hire a chef with Dineindulge, click here…

Why We Love Dineindulge

It's super easy to book and their customer service is amazing.

Great choice of menus and range of prices.

The chef arrives at the arranged time with all the ingredients and takes over your kitchen. 

The chef cooks a beautiful meal as per your selected menu, serves you* and then does the washing up!

You get top restaurant quality food in the comfort of your home or holiday rental.

If you have young children they can go to bed as usual, without the need of a babysitter, or having to rush home at a certain time.

*For larger groups an additional waiter/waitress may need to be booked to help serve which Dineindulge will organise.

What Clients Say

We booked a holiday rental for my Mum’s 60th and had the whole family there including 5 children. Hiring a chef rather than going out was ideal for us and the quality of food was way beyond the restaurant we were thinking of booking, so this was such a bonus!
So impressed with the whole service :)

Michelle via Trustpilot

I was really impressed by how easy and professional the service was. With my daughter Aimée being 5 years old it was really nice to be able to put her to bed and not worry about a baby sitter whilst I enjoyed dinner downstairs.
It was a real treat and such a wonderful concept. If you want a night off from cooking on your holiday or at home for your next dinner party then I highly recommend trying them.

Rachel Writer

Absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. The organisation of the dinner was straightforward and efficient. The food was beautifully prepared and presented and each course was delicious. The chef managed to be both unobtrusive and yet attentive and at the end he left the kitchen exactly as he found it. I would highly recommend the company and the chef, who was a real culinary expert. And I would 100% use both again.

Kiara via Trustpilot

Some ideas on how to use Dineindulge...

You can use Dineindulge's private chef experience in a variety of occasions such as:

Dinner Party at your Home

Host family, friends or business guests for a memorable meal. Or perhaps celebrate a birthday or a special occasion with family and/or friends and select a more elaborate degustation menu.

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party
Dinner on your Vacation

Bring a private chef to your holiday accommodation in France, Italy, Spain and eight other countries! A two-course meal, or a leisurely gastronomic feast - the choice is yours!

Countries where you can enjoy a private chef experience with Dineindulge:

Private chef experience, dineindulge dinner party
Dineindulge dinner party