La Cité Florale: A surprising neighbourhood in Paris


La Cité Florale (Floral City) is an idyllic village in the 13th arrondissement of Paris where time stands still. I love strolling along its leafy streets early in the morning…

The village of the Cité florale

Cité Florale Paris

Cité Florale © French Moments

The village comprises several streets that were all named after flowers:

  • rue des Glycines (Wisteria Street),
  • rue des Iris (Iris St.),
  • square des Mimosas (Mimosa Sq),
  • rue des Orchidées (Orchids St.),
  • rue des Liserons (bindweed St.),
  • etc.
Rue des Glycines, Paris © French Moments

Rue des Glycines, Paris © French Moments

The cobblestone streets are bordered by the pastel-hued façades of houses covered with ivy, wild vine and wisteria.

Roses, lilacs, geranium, ornamental trees, flower pots, all add to the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

Cité Florale Paris

A quiet little square © French Moments

La Cité florale was built between 1925 and 1930 on a meadow that was regularly flooded by dry the River Bièvre. This explained why only small houses were allowed to be built on this unstable ground.

More photos of the Cité florale

Here are more photos I took during my visits to the neighbourhoods:

Cité Florale © French Moments

A street of the residential neighbourhood © French Moments

Cité Florale, Paris © French Moments

Summer flowers © French Moments

Rue des Iris, Paris © French Moments

Rue des Iris, Paris © French Moments

Cité florale, Paris © French Moments

The village’s houses in the middle of the city © French Moments

Cité Florale Paris

Cité Florale © French Moments

Cité Florale Paris

Cité Florale © French Moments

Cité Florale, Paris © French Moments

A rosebush © French Moments

Cité Florale, Paris © French Moments

A beautiful wisteria © French Moments

Some interesting sites to visit in the vicinity

You can combine your visit to exploring the South of the 13th arrondissement: Place de l’Abbé Henocque at the foot of the Butte aux Cailles and the picturesque houses of rue Dieulafoy.

Paris Hénocque

Place de l’Abbé Georges Henocque © French Moments

Dieulafoy Paris

Rue Dieulafoy © French Moments

Don’t miss the secretive and tranquil quartier des Peupliers (Poplars district), tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Square des Peupliers Paris

Square des Peupliers © French Moments

To the west lies the beautiful Parc Montsouris.

Parc Montsouris Paris

Parc Montsouris © French Moments

Other cute looking streets are found across the park in the 14th arrondissement: rue du Parc Montsouris and square de Montsouris.

Montsouris Paris

Villa in rue du Parc de Montsouris © French Moments

Check out google map for the exact location of the Cité florale. Closest Tram station: Stade Charléty Porte de Gentilly (tram T3a).

Make sure you don’t end up at the Cité des Fleurs which is another quiet and offbeat place to visit in the 17th arrondissement!

Do you know of other offbeat places in the Left Bank of Paris? Share them with us by commenting below!

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