Christmas preparations in Maisons-Laffitte


Today is the last day before Christmas and we went into town to get from the local shopkeepers a few local produce for tonight’s Réveillon. Here are a selection of photos we took in Maisons-Laffitte.

At 8.20am, we started the day with a glorious sunrise in the skies of Paris!
First destination of the day: the Merry-go-Round that our 2 year-old girl enjoy riding.
We got our bread from our favourite pâtisserie (here is our last article about Bauget in Maisons-Laffitte).
There was a very good Christmassy atmosphere in the streets of the town centre. Le Père Noël and his assistants were there to greet the locals…
Then we headed up to the marquee of the fishmonger’s. We bought fish, prawns and oysters for tonight’s Réveillon.
The Réveillon on Christmas’ Eve is the big dinner French people share with their family. It is an occasion for the family to sit down together and enjoy a variety of the most delicious dishes. Parisians usually have seafood and oysters with bran bread and butter, caviar, foie gras (goose liver pate) with currant jam. As for the chocolate log (la bûche de Noël) we made it ourselves this year! Photos to come soon…


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