Christmas 2016 at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann


Christmas 2016 at Galeries Lafayette is just amazing. The department store has done a great work this year with beautiful and creative decoration. The theme chosen for the window display and the Christmas tree is magical and refers to our childhood dreams. Here are a few photos I took on the 10th December to show you how it looks like – and believe me, it is much more impressive when you are standing there…

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Christmas 2016 at Galeries Lafayette: the Window Display

Galeries Lafayette is Paris’ largest department store and its flagship store is located on Boulevard Haussmann (9th arrondissement). Each year in November, Galeries Lafayette unveils a new theme for the Christmas season to come. Over the years, the store has become famous for the quality and enchantment of its windows decorations and Christmas tree.

Galeries Lafayette Christmas Paris

Christmas Windows of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in 2016 © French Moments

An Arctic Christmas!

For Christmas 2016, the Parisian department store tells us the story of a white bears family who lives in an icy and snowy land. Threatened by the ice meltdown caused by climate change, they seek for a new icy home and their quest leads them to … Galeries Lafayette!

The winter wonderland displayed in the large windows bordering Boulevard Haussmann features paper-made bears, trains, crystals, castles enhanced with light reflections and pearly effects.

The theme (An Arctic Christmas) was directed by Luc Jacquet, famous for March of the Penguins, an oscar-winning nature documentary in 2006.

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Christmas 2016 at Galeries Lafayette: the Christmas tree

Galeries Lafayette Christmas Tree Paris

Christmas Tree of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in 2016 © French Moments

For the very first time, the Christmas tree of Galeries Lafayette is made entirely from paper. This astonishing piece of art is a unique creation by Lorenzo Papace, a young French artist born in Lyon in 1986. The tree is flanked by an animated Ferris wheel while cable cars criss-cross the space beneath the Art Nouveau cupola.

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A video posted by Galeries Lafayette showing the backstage setting up of the tree:

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