Exploring Unique Destinations In French Mediterranean By Yacht

French Mediterranean - Luxury Boating in France - Cannes @SteveAllenPhoto via Twenty20

Imagine setting sail along the azure waters of France’s Mediterranean coast, a world where the cerulean sea meets the sky at a distant, serene horizon. From quaint coastal villages to majestic, secluded coves, the French Mediterranean offers an array of unique destinations waiting to be discovered by those willing to veer off the beaten track. Read more…

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Renting a car in Nice Airport: A Road Trip in the Hinterland

Renting a car in Nice Airport. Source: Depositphotos.com

Nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean, Nice Airport (Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur) is not only a gateway to the glamorous French Riviera but also the third busiest airport in France. Its unique location, sandwiched between the sea and the mountains, makes it a scenic arrival point for travellers worldwide. Renting a car in Nice Airport Read more…

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Monaco by Night: What to See and Do

The Principality of Monaco by night @kityyaya via Twenty20

Picture this… The sun finally sets over the Principality of Monaco. The lighthouses in the port light up as the boats return from their cruises on the Mediterranean. Gradually, the city’s lights lit up, from the Prince’s Palace perched on Le Rocher to the famous Casino of Monte-Carlo. The restaurants and their terraces are starting Read more…

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The Esterel Corniche Road: A Scenic Journey

The Esterel corniche road. Photo by StevanZZ via Envato Elements

Between Saint-Raphaël and La Napoule, the Esterel massif offers natural scenery which inspires wonder. It is one of the most beautiful regions of Provence, opened to mass tourism since the creation by the Touring Club of the Esterel corniche road or Corniche d’Or (1903). The contrast between the coast’s bustling life and the hinterland’s deserted Read more…

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The French Riviera or Côte d’Azur: A discovery guide

French Riviera - Côte d'Azur © Frédéric Ducarme - licence [CC BY-SA 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons

For many French people, the French Riviera (or Côte d’Azur) is synonymous with summer holidays. Between mountains and the sea, the French Riviera offers a stunning variety of landscapes and colours, from beaches and seclusive bays to promontories. The seashore is lined with cluster pines, palm trees and the Mediterranean maquis. Let’s have a closer Read more…

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What to see in Nice when cruising the French Riviera

Nice Port © Rosanna Delpiano - licence [CC BY-SA 4.0] from Wikimedia Commons

You should start (or finish) a cruise in Nice for many good reasons. The vibrant French town is ideally situated on the Mediterranean seafront, with the Maritime Alps towering above its hinterland. This is a little guide to what to see in Nice when cruising the French Riviera!   Watch our short video on the Read more…

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Nice Carnival: A Discovery Guide

Nice Carnival, The King © H. Lagarde - OTC Nice

If there is a festival worth mentioning in the South of France, I couldn’t miss the Nice Carnival. It is the most significant event organised on the French Riviera. But most of all, it is one of the three most famous carnivals in the world, alongside Rio de Janeiro and Venice. The colourful event takes Read more…

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Corniche Roads of the French Riviera

The hilltop village of Eze. Photo: Jimi Magic (Public Domain)

The Corniche Roads of the French Riviera consist of three routes following the mountainous stretch from Nice to Menton. The Corniche offers dramatic coastal views, which you can discover by car through three scenic routes: the Grande Corniche, the Moyenne Corniche and the Corniche Inférieure. Watch our short video on the French Riviera, an aerial Read more…

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Facts and Figures about Monaco

Rock of Monaco - Facts and Figures about Monaco © Monaco Press Centre Photos

The Principality of Monaco looks like nothing else on the French Riviera. With its cluster of towers, the massive Rocher on which stretches the old town and the iconic casino of Monte-Carlo, Monaco is also one of the wealthiest states in the world. Unsurprisingly, the micro-state has many exciting features and anecdotes to tell. Whether Read more…

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Principality of Monaco: A Discovery Guide

Principality of Monaco

Enjoying over 300 days of sunshine a year, the most glamorous destination on the Mediterranean looks like nowhere else on the French Riviera. The Principality of Monaco is a tiny state no larger than New York’s Central Park. It comprises a cluster of high-rise towers built on the side of the Maritime Alps. The celebrated Read more…

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Rocher de Monaco: Discover the Rock of Monaco

The Rock of Monaco (Le Rocher de Monaco). Photo: bbsferrari via Envato Elements

The oldest part of the Principality of Monaco is Le Rocher de Monaco (aka the Rock of Monaco), a rocky promontory between Port Hercule and the Fontvieille district. This is the oldest part of the micro-state and the only district spared by developers. The old town of Monaco-Ville is home to political, judicial and religious Read more…

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Monte-Carlo: Discover Monaco’s Famous District

The famous Monte Carlo Casino. Photo: @SteveAllenPhoto via Twenty20

Two names stand out in the glamorous and exclusive world of the French Riviera: Monaco and Monte Carlo. These two destinations are often used interchangeably, but are they the same? Of all the districts in the Principality of Monaco, Monte-Carlo is undoubtedly the most prestigious and chic, lively and residential. This is mainly due to Read more…

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The Prince’s Palace of Monaco: A Mini-Guide

The Prince's Palace of Monaco. Photo: @SNABSA via Twenty20

Standing on a rocky promontory (Le Rocher), the Prince’s Palace of Monaco is the official residence of the ruling Prince of Monaco. The castle has been the home of the Grimaldi dynasty since the end of the 13th century. The Palais de Monaco occupies a unique and spectacular geological site, facing the Mediterranean Sea at Read more…

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Roquebrune-Cap-Martin: A Discovery Guide

Roquebrune by Xilow (Public Domain)

As the Corniche roads from Nice descend towards Menton, it approaches the Mediterranean resort of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. The perched village of Roquebrune overlooks the luxuriant vegetation of the Cap Martin peninsula. From the medieval castle, breathtaking views command the coastline of the French Riviera, from the mountains above Menton and Italy to the dazzling Principality of Read more…

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Discover Beaulieu-sur-Mer on the French Riviera

Beaulieu-sur-Mer Baie des Fourmis by Patrice Semeria (Public Domain)

Beaulieu-sur-Mer is a Mediterranean resort between Nice and Monaco, overlooking the beautiful Baie des Fourmis. With its shady palm tree-lined roads, lush Mediterranean vegetation, crescent-shaped beaches, marina and luxurious villas, Beaulieu is truly a charming destination. Watch our short video on the French Riviera, an aerial journey from Toulon to Menton via Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Nice Read more…

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Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat: A Seaside Resort on the Riviera

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat - Stock Photos from Kovankin Sergey - Shutterstock

The seaside resort of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat lies on a beautiful peninsula on the French Riviera between Nice and Monaco. Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is primarily a fashionable destination amongst celebrities and millionaires, with many opulent villas built on a great site.   Plan your trip to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat! 🏨 Find the best accommodations in Villefranche-sur-Mer and the region on Booking.com Read more…

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Discover Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Riviera

Villefranche-sur-Mer - licence [CC BY-SA 2.0-uk] from Wikimedia Commons

Now included in the Greater Nice, the dazzling little town of Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Riviera is a pleasant sea resort with its old town made up of colourful façades and red tile roofs, beaches and busy seafront where the terraces of cafés and restaurants overlook the authentic fishing port and one of France’s largest Read more…

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La Turbie and the Trophy of Augustus

La Turbie - Stock Photos from Inu - Shutterstock

La Turbie brings back fond memories of my childhood. I was greatly interested in Roman ruins, and the visit to the Trophy of Augustus impressed me. The monumental commemorative structure stands above the Principality of Monaco. Since the times of Roman Emperor Augustus, the monument has stayed a symbol of the dominating power of Rome Read more…

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Eze, The Gem of the French Riviera

The hilltop village of Eze. Photo: Jimi Magic (Public Domain)

My first visit to Eze truly amazed me. As a young teenager, I remember the breathtaking view of the perched village overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea. Indeed, the hilltop village commands stunning views of mountains falling to the Mediterranean. With its clusters of houses perched on rocky outcrops above the cliffs, Èze truly is one Read more…

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Peille, a hilltop village in the Nice Hinterland

The village of Peille @sibuet via Twenty20

Peille is a perched village set atop a narrow rocky spur overlooking the Peillon Valley in the Prealps of Nice.   Plan your trip to Peille and the region of Nice! 🏨 Find the best accommodations in Nice and the region on Booking.com 🙋‍♀️ Get the PASS CÔTE D’AZUR and take your pick from more Read more…

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Peillon: A Discovery Guide of the Perched Village

Peillon - licence [CC BY-SA 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons

Situated in the hinterland of Nice, picturesque Peillon is one of the most beautiful villages of the French Riviera. You’ll discover this beautiful village on an eagle’s nest on a sheer cliff. A visit to the old village offers an unforgettable journey through history. The old town invites you to stroll through its winding streets Read more…

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Sainte-Agnès, a perched village above Menton

General view of Sainte-Agnès © Patrick Rouzet - licence [CC BY-SA 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons

When driving on the mountain road D22, the hilltop village of Sainte-Agnès makes a great impression. It is perched on the flank of a mountain high above the town of Menton and the Mediterranean sea. Locals claim the village is the highest coastal village in Europe. Whether this is true or not, from there, the Read more…

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Menton’s Parks and Gardens: A Little Guide

Menton's Parks and Gardens. Photo: Tangopaso (Public Domain)

The resort town of Menton on the Mediterranean Sea boasts the most interesting parks and gardens that are an invitation to the exotic. You’ll find intimate parks and exuberant or botanical gardens. This article gives you a shortlist of Menton’s parks and gardens to discover on your next visit to the “Pearl of France”.   About Read more…

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Menton on the French Riviera – A Discovery Guide

Menton, French Riviera © Vinbaron - licence [CC BY-SA 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons

The beauties of nature, the magnificence of the sun, the intoxication of the ever-changing sea… this was how Menton was described by English doctor James Henry Bennett, considered by the locals as the creator of the seaside resort. One of the prettiest towns on the French Mediterranean shores, sunny Menton is rightly nicknamed the “Pearl Read more…

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Menton Lemon Festival: A Little Guide

Menton Lemon Festival © Ville de Menton

The most Italianate and warmest town on the French Riviera has become famous for the colourful Menton Lemon Festival. Like no other, this carnival is a significant event on the French Riviera. Each Winter attracts no less than 240,000 spectators in Menton, France. Visitors come from far away to marvel at the impressive citrus sculptures Read more…

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Lemon Tart – Tarte au citron

Lemon Tart © French Moments

A classic lemon tart has a wonderful balance of lemons and a crispy sweet base. Tart enough to tingle on the tongue and delight your senses! About Menton and its lemon tradition The city of Menton is located between the foot hills of the Maritime Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, 30 km away from Nice. Read more…

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