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Regions of France Grand Est June 2016 copyright French Moments

Grand Est comprises of the former administrative regions of Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine. It is the sixth largest of the regions of France and includes three mountain ranges: the Vosges, the (Alsatian) Jura and the Ardennes. The region is bordered by the River Rhine on the East which forms the border with Germany. The region’s largest cities are Strasbourg, Nancy, Metz, Mulhouse, Reims and Troyes. The head city of the region is Strasbourg.

Alsace Albert Schweitzer memorial in Kaysersberg © French Moments

Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) was a brilliant philosopher, physician, musician, clergyman and theological scholar. As recognition…

Alsace Saint-Hippolyte 38 © French Moments

The Alsace vineyard extends across the hills of the Vosges at between 200 and 400…

Alsace Mulhouse Featured Image copyright French Moments

At the crossroads of two major axes: Zurich-Paris and Rhin-Rhône, Mulhouse might seem an uninteresting…

Alsace Alsace © French Moments - Kientzheim 02

At the foot of the undulating hills covered by vineyards, the wine-growing village of Kientzheim…

Alsace Photos of Spring in Alsace - Hunawihr © French Moments

Nestled just outside the main thoroughfare, Hunawihr, hidden amongst the vineyards producing Riesling wines, is…