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Last Updated: 4 September 2023


Waffle making is a long-time tradition in France and dates back to the Middle Ages. Waffle makers have continued to improve, particularly since the arrival of "la Fée Électricité" (Electricity Fairy) and the appearance of home appliances for making your own waffles.

What you're about to read is not just a review of a kitchen appliance; it's a journey into my newfound waffle-making experience and a guide to help you choose your own perfect waffle maker. But before I introduce you to the Smart Waffle™ Pro by Sage, let me explain where my love for waffles come from!

Brussells Type Waffle © French Moments

My journey to finding the best smart waffle maker

Waffles have held a special place in my heart since childhood. Fond memories of visiting my uncle and aunt in Lorraine, where they crafted the most exquisite Brussels-type waffles, still dance vividly in my mind.

When we lived Down Under in sunny Sydney, I was determined to recreate those cherished waffle moments. Armed with the treasured recipe passed down by my relatives, I embarked on a quest to find the perfect smart waffle maker.

My first waffle makers

My journey began with those small, seemingly affordable waffle makers that crowded the shelves of local superstores. Priced at a mere $40, they promised waffle wonders but delivered short-lived disappointments. Sticky plaques, rapid wear and tear, and a relentless craving for better waffles left me yearning for an upgrade. I was ready to invest in a smart waffle maker that could truly do justice to those cherished family recipes.

The ingredients for making waffles © French Moments

My first waffle maker! © French Moments

I've found the best!

Then, as if fate had heard my waffle-loving pleas, I stumbled upon the Smart Waffle™ Pro by Sage (or Breville) during an extensive internet search. It seemed to possess all the qualities I'd been searching for in a waffle maker: reliability, innovation, and the promise of those perfect waffles I craved. 

Smart Waffle ™ Pro by Sage / Breville © French Moments

Smart Waffle ™ Pro by Sage / Breville © French Moments

So, join me on this delightful adventure as I share my personal story of waffle love, the magic of the Smart Waffle Maker by Sage, and valuable insights into finding the waffle maker that will elevate your own culinary escapades. It's a tale of waffle dreams come true, and it all starts here.

10 Factors to Consider for Choosing a Smart Waffle Maker

A user-friendly waffle maker is a delight to use. It should come with intuitive controls and clear instructions, making the waffle-making process easy and enjoyable. It's all about a hassle-free experience in the kitchen.

Making waffles © French Moments

By taking a closer look at the 10 factors listed below, you can make an informed decision when choosing the perfect smart waffle maker for your home.

Each factor contributes to the overall experience, ensuring that your waffles turn out just the way you like them, time after time.

Ready? Let's go!

1. Even Heating

A top-notch home waffle maker ensures that heat is distributed uniformly across its cooking surface. This consistency is vital for achieving waffles with perfectly balanced texture and flavour. Uneven heating can result in some areas of your waffle being overcooked while others remain undercooked, leading to a less-than-ideal breakfast experience.

Smart Waffle ™ Pro by Sage / Breville © French Moments
2. Non-Stick Surface

The importance of a non-stick surface cannot be overstated. It prevents your waffle batter from sticking and makes the waffle removal process a breeze. Plus, it simplifies the cleaning process, as you won't have to scrape off stubborn, stuck-on batter remnants.

Making Waffles © French Moments
3. Adjustable Temperature Control

Having the ability to customise your waffle's crispiness through adjustable temperature settings is a game-changer. Whether you prefer a lightly golden waffle or a deeply caramelised one, a waffle maker with temperature control allows you to cater to your taste preferences precisely.

4. Timer or Indicator Lights

These features are your trusty companions in the waffle-making process. Timers and indicator lights help you keep track of cooking times, ensuring you don't overcook or undercook your waffles. They provide the convenience of a set-and-forget approach, allowing you to multitask in the kitchen.

Smart Waffle ™ Pro by Sage / Breville © French Moments
5. Multiple Browning Settings

Waffle enthusiasts come in all tastes, and multiple browning settings accommodate everyone's preferences. Some mornings call for a lightly toasted waffle, while others demand a rich, dark brown exterior. A waffle maker that offers various browning levels guarantees that everyone at your breakfast table is satisfied.

Smart Waffle ™ Pro by Sage / Breville © French Moments
6. Size and Shape

Consider the size and shape of the waffle maker. Traditional round waffles, Belgian-style waffles, or even fun, novelty shapes like hearts and stars – the choice is yours. Your waffle maker could align with your family's waffle preferences and your desired presentation.

Smart Waffle ™ Pro by Sage / Breville © French Moments
7. Drip Tray and Ease of Cleaning

A built-in drip tray is a thoughtful addition to a waffle maker. It catches any excess batter overflow, preventing messes and making cleanup simpler. It's a practical feature that keeps your kitchen clean and tidy.

An efficient waffle maker should be easy to clean. Removable plates, a non-stick surface, and dishwasher-safe components ensure you can enjoy your waffles without dreading the cleanup process. This makes waffle making more of a pleasure and less of a chore.

Smart Waffle ™ Pro by Sage / Breville © French Moments
8. Sturdy Construction and Compact Design

A waffle maker should be built to last. High-quality materials and robust construction ensure durability, even with frequent use. It's an investment in a kitchen appliance that will be a reliable companion for breakfast adventures.

A compact waffle maker is a blessing for those with limited kitchen space. It should be easy to store when not in use, maximising your kitchen's functionality and aesthetics.

9. Brand Reputation and Safety

Researching the brand's reputation is essential when investing in a waffle maker. A trusted brand is more likely to deliver on its quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction promises.

Safety should always be a priority. Look for waffle makers with cool-touch handles, preventing accidental burns. Non-slip feet also contribute to stability, reducing the risk of mishaps in a bustling kitchen.

10. Price and Warranty

While quality matters, budget considerations are also important. Waffle makers come in various price points, so finding one that fits your budget without compromising on essential features is key.

A warranty offers peace of mind. It's a testament to the manufacturer's confidence in their product. A warranty ensures that you're covered for any unexpected issues with your waffle maker.

Smart Waffle ™ Pro by Sage / Breville © French Moments

I'm pleased to say that my Sage waffle maker ticks all the boxes on this list!

The Breville/Sage Smart Waffle Maker

Now, let's talk about the Breville/Sage smart waffle maker we chose.

Two models of smart Waffle markers

There are two models of the Breville/Sage Smart Waffle ™ Pro:

  • 2 Slices (11.2" x 12.1" x 4.9”, Power: 1000 Watts)
  • 4 Slices (s14.9" x 12.3" x 5.1”, Power: 1800 Watts)

We opted for the 2-slice machine for its compact size and easy storage. The size is just right for storage as it doesn't hog precious counter space in the kitchen.

Why we love the 2 slices waffle maker

The reviews I read on the web before purchase were spot on. I've made several batches of Brussels-type waffles that were excellent.

What stands out most is its ability to simplify the waffle-making process. Pick your desired waffle type, and this smart machine takes it from there. The heat distribution is impressively even.

What I appreciate even more is the versatility it offers. You can set the cooking temperature to your liking, and the options are abundant. We have yet to explore every recipe and setting, but the waffles we've made recently have been nothing short of perfection. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and a bit thicker makes them delectable.

The only minor challenge is getting the waffles out, but a wooden chopstick does the trick without risking any scratches on the iron.

Cleaning up is a breeze; nothing sticks to the cooking surface. Plus, it has an overflow feature (the 'moat') that keeps cleanup to a minimum. I usually clean the plaques with a damp cloth when they are still warm.

Breville or Sage?

Depending on where you live in the world, there are two different models of smart waffle makers: Breville and Sage.

Smart Waffle ™ Pro by Sage / Breville © French Moments

Breville, an Australian company headquartered in Sydney, primarily markets its products under the 'Sage' brand in the UK and Europe. This is due to the fact that the 'Breville' brand is owned by a separate, unrelated American company known as Jarden in these regions.

Brussels Waffles © French Moments

And learn more about the origins and traditions of waffle-making in France!

All photos © French Moments

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  1. Great article, really useful information. I am curious, what is the size of one waffle? I can’t seem to find this information anywhere.

    1. Thanks! Each waffle forms a square of 12 cm (approximately 4.72 inches) on each side and has a maximum thickness of about 1.5 cm (approximately 0.59 inches). I would have preferred the waffles to be rectangular in shape (this is the only criticism I have of the appliance), but the superior quality of the result more than compensates for this minor inconvenience.

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