Discover the Alsatian Christmas market in Gare de l’Est


Stuck in Paris and can’t visit Alsace this Christmas? No worries, Alsace comes to you! The Alsatian Christmas Market in Gare de l’Est, Paris takes place under a marquee set on the forecourt of the railway station with trains servicing the Alsace. The region in eastern France near the German border is reputed to be the home of Christmas markets, with some of Europe’s largest found in Strasbourg and Colmar.

The Alsatian Christmas Market in Gare de l’Est

Alsatian Christmas Market in Gare de l'Est

Gare de l’Est, Paris © French Moments

The Alsatian Christmas market includes some 15 local producers who have come all the way from Alsace to offer their delicious regional gastronomy: fresh pasta, sauerkrut, sausages, foie gras, jams, cheese, gingerbread, Christmas cookies, chocolates, mannele (brioches), eau-de-vie, and Alsatian wines.

This is the oldest Christmas market organised by Alsace outside of the region.

In 2017, the Alsatian Christmas market in Gare de l’Est is open from 1 to 16 December from 9am to 8pm (10am to 7pm on Sunday)

The Alsatian stands

In 2017, the participants of the Alsatian Christmas market in Paris come from the two départements of Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin, including:

  • Pâtisserie J. Oster (67, Barr), selling pâtisseries and confectionary
  • Domaine Jean Becker (68, Zellenberg), selling wines, liqueurs and eau-de-vie
  • Christlesgut (68, Breitenbach), selling charcuterie, cheese, jams, honey, confectionary, pasta and gingerbread
  • Cave vinicole de Pfaffenheim (68, Pfaffenheim), selling Alsatian wines including crémants and Grands Crus)
  • Compagnie Alsacienne de Promotion, selling Christmas decorations
  • Foie gras Muller-Weber, selling goose and duck foie gras
  • Distillerie F. Meyer (68, Hohwarth), selling eau-de-vie, liqueur, and Alsatian whisky
  • Fortwenger (67, Gertwiller), selling gingerbread, Christmas cookies and stollen
  • Jardins d’Alsace (68, Ensisheim), selling hampers, prepared dish, charcuterie, conserves and foie gras
  • Domaine Materne Haegelin (68, Orschwihr), selling wines (incl. crémant) and eau-de-vie
  • Wolfberger (68, Eguisheim), selling wines (incl. crémant) and eau-de-vie
  • Tante Germaine (67, Hoerdt), selling fresh Alsatian pasta (incl. spatzle)
  • Stentz Buecher (68, Wettolsheim), selling wines, liqueurs and eau-de-vie
  • Geismar (68 Turckheim), selling charcuterie, Alsatian specialties, sauerkrut, tourtes and Christmas cookies
  • La Cave du Tonnelier (68 Dambach-la-Ville), selling wines (incl. crémant) and liqueurs.

Each day free tastings are organised, for instance:

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