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Last Updated: 5 March 2017

You would have probably noticed it on our Facebook or Instagram accounts, we went out of the Paris region to stay in the French Alps. A week spent in Annecy was some kind of a treat for our little family, especially in the Spring when fruit trees are in flowers. Here are a few photos taken in the Annecy region with strong rains storms one day, followed bbrilliant sunshine the next.

A week spent in Annecy in the French Alps

This week spent in Annecy was planned early this year. We had not been visiting the charming touristic town since April 2014 and it was such a beautiful treat to be back again. For those of you who do not know about the place, Annecy is located between Geneva and Chambéry in the French Alps and is famous for its pristine lake.

We’ve been taking hundreds – if not thousands! – of photos and it will take us weeks to sort them out. Fortunately I managed to pull out a few interesting shots taken during our outings. The sun did not always shine and the rain was falling heavily on some days, thus giving to the photos a certain mystical look.

If you have been visiting Annecy in the past please let us know about your stay by commenting below!

Alps of Annecy © French Moments
This was the view from our gîte on the day of arrival. You can see the mountains surrounding Lake Annecy © French Moments
Sunrise Annecy Region © French Moments
The same view but taken early in the morning at sunrise © French Moments
Rainbow Argonay © French Moments
Rainbows often appears after the rain! This is a consolation prize for the lack of sun. © French Moments
Field in Groisy Haute-Savoie © French Moments
Spring is in the air in the Annecy region. Photo taken in Groisy with the Prealps in the distance (massif des Bornes) © French Moments
Groisy Haute-Savoie © French Moments
Fruit trees in flowers, Groisy © French Moments
Thorens Glières 1 © French Moments
Between Spring and Winter at the village of Thorens-Glières © French Moments
Thorens Glières 2 © French Moments
A chalet in Thorens-Glières. Yes, we are in the Alps for sure! © French Moments
Our little girl in wonderland (Menthon Castle) © French Moments
Our little girl in wonderland (Menthon Castle) © French Moments
Rain falling near Menthon Castle © French Moments
Rain falling near Menthon Castle © French Moments
The fairy-tale castle of Menthon in the haze © French Moments
The fairy-tale castle of Menthon in the haze © French Moments
Mont-Blanc from Salève © French Moments
The Mont-Blanc, the Alps’ highest summit viewed from the Salève mountain. © French Moments
Geneva from Salève © French Moments
The city centre of Geneva (and Cathedral St. Peter) seen from the summit of Mont Salève © French Moments
Lake Annecy from Imperial © French Moments
Lake Annecy viewed from the Imperial Palace, Annecy on a rainy day © French Moments
Lakeshore Menthon © French Moments
The lakeshore in Menthon-Saint-Bernard on a rainy day © French Moments
Lake Annecy and Castle © French Moments
The castle of Annecy seen from the Jardin de l’Impérial © French Moments
Little Venice in Annecy © French Moments
The Little Venice in the old town centre of Annecy © French Moments
Tulips in Annecy © French Moments
Beautiful pink tulips in the Jardin de l’Europe, Annecy © French Moments
Annecy by night 2016 © French Moments
The Little Venice district of Annecy by night! © French Moments

Gems of Paris by French Moments
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  1. You're pictures has inspired us to book to weeks in Annecy in July and then continue to Lake Lugano. Any advice would be appreciated.

    How hot will it be middle of July?


    1. Hello Meryl. The climate in Annecy is hot in July. Temperatures rise to 26°C. On average, the minimum temperature recorded is 17°. This means that the average temperature in Annecy in July is 21°. These temperatures are a far cry from the record high temperatures recorded in Annecy this July with a record high of 37° in 2019 and a record low of 7° in 2012. You can reasonably expect about 5 days with maximum temperatures above 30°, or 16% of the month.
      Also, I have published many articles on Annecy to help you plan your visit:
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