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Last Updated: 5 March 2020


This is a very little post about a selection of desserts from Paris recently bought while walking in various districts of the French capital. We are often in contemplation when passing by a window shop of Parisian pâtisseries. Enjoy these sweet temptations…

A delicious selection of desserts from Paris!


Boulangerie-pâtisserie in the Marais, Paris © French Moments
Boulangerie-pâtisserie in the Marais, Paris © French Moments

We love Paris for its monuments, parks & gardens, museums, atmosphere and busyness. But we also love the French capital for its delicious pâtisseries! Some of them offer some remarkable tartlets, éclairs, religieuses and other sweet treats… you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here is a small photo selection.

un éclair à la pistache (pistachio éclair):

Éclair à la pistache © French Moments
Éclair à la pistache © French Moments

des choux à la crème:

Choux à la crème © French Moments
Choux à la crème © French Moments

une tartelette aux framboises (raspberry tartlet):

Tartelette à la framboise © French Moments
Tartelette à la framboise (raspberry) © French Moments

un délice au chocolat:

Délice au chocolat © French Moments
Délice au chocolat © French Moments

une sélection de petits-fours:

Mothers' Day at Bauget in Maisons-Laffitte 14 © French Moments
Petits-Fours © French Moments

des paris-brests:

Mothers' Day at Bauget in Maisons-Laffitte 09 © French Moments
Paris-Brest cakes © French Moments

des gâteaux aux fruits rouges:

Mothers' Day at Bauget in Maisons-Laffitte 04 © French Moments
Berries Cakes © French Moments

un éclair au citron (lemon éclair):

Eclair au citron © French Moments
Desserts from Paris: éclair au citron © French Moments

Paris is quite unique: it seems that nowhere else in the world you can find so many delicious sweet temptations. One of the best pâtisseries in France are those founded by Pierre Hermé. Since 2001 the pastry chef (a native from Alsace) has been creating pâtisseries that look as beautiful as they taste. When we wanted to learn more about French pâtisseries from Sydney, Australia we discovered Pierre Hermé’s ‘Paris Pâtisseries: History, Shops, Recipes’. What we liked about this book was the superb photos and the 25 recipes included.

Pierre Hermé Paris Patisserie

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