A Journey to the Land of Christmas

Although many of us would think that Christmas in France is just about visiting Paris, we would be mislead for sure. Well, Paris may well be the City of Lights, however the Christmas spirit is like no other in the northeast regions of Alsace and Lorraine. The French people acknowledge that these two regions are THE Christmas destination, the Land of Christmas in France.

Alsace in particular sets the bar high and is a reference point and a source of inspiration for those who love the festive season.

In fact, this is a region which has had a large influence over Christmas celebrations in France.

The Christmas market is a long standing tradition there.

The proximity of Germany gives a ‘germanic touch’ that is much appreciated in France.

The setting is perfect.

Old half-timbered houses richly decorated, an abundance of fairy lights, classical concerts in local churches, delicious treats, Christmas cookies and gingerbread.

It all combines to offer an unforgettable festive experience.

And when it snows, you are treated with the most traditional Christmas atmosphere!

Just have a look at the photos below and you'll understand what I mean!

Thann Christmas market © French Moments
Seasons of the year in France - Christmas in Wissembourg © French Moments
A French Winter Wonderland: Village of Hirtzbach © French Moments
Strasbourg at Christmas time © French Moments


After working on it for several weeks, the Christmas in France eBook is finally ready!

It contains 550+ photos, 514 pages and includes 7 Christmas themes.

Illuminations, decorations, fir trees and delicious treats: this is a compilation of things I loved and experienced while visiting Alsace and Lorraine in December. 

These are photos shot during freezing nights in December... but also in the warm atmosphere of an authentic Christmas market.

It is a book mainly dedicated to the discovery of the Christmas traditions that make Alsace and Lorraine such a unique holiday destination.

I hope it will transport you somewhere special - to a magical land far from all the bad news in the media.

C'est Noël : Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles...

(It's Christmas: it is high time to switch the stars back on...)

Guillaume Apollinaire

A Journey to the Land of Christmas

ebook content!

This new eBook is unique ... This is the first time Christmas in France is being made available that way and it contains more than 550 photos taken in Paris, Alsace, Lorraine and Franche-Comté.

The book is organised around 7 Christmas themes.

Check out the content of the eBook by expanding the following toggles:


The Advent Season
Saint Nicholas' Day
Christmas Day
Saint Stephen's Day
New Year's Day


The Christmas Crib
The crib of Strasbourg Cathedral
The Colours of Christmas
The Christmas Present
Christmas Holly
New Year Mistletoe
Christmas Carols
Christmas Decorations
Christmas Lights
The Sayings of Christmas and New Year


The Characters of the Nativity
The Characters of Tales and Legends
- Saint-Nicholas
- Père Fouettard
- Hans Trapp
- The Christkindel
- Aunt Airie
- Père Noël
The Visit of Saint-Nicholas in a School in Lorraine


The Alsatian Origin of the Christmas Tree
The Legends of the Christmas tree
Christmas Tree Ornaments
The Meisenthal Christmas Ornaments
Facts and Figures about the Christmas Tree
How to choose your Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree on the Town Square
How to decorate your Christmas Tree


Strasbourg and the Origin of Christmas Markets
The Christmas Market today
Tips for visiting the Christmas Markets


The recipe for kugelhopf
The Christmas Cookies (Bredeles / Bredelas)
The gingerbread of Saint-Nicholas and Christmas
The Mannele / Mannala
The Christollen
The Linzer Torte
The Bûche de Noël
Christmas Drinks


The Seven Lands of Christmas in Alsace
A First Visit to the Wissembourg Christmas Market
Saverne and Surroundings
The Wine Route (Riquewihr, Kaysersberg, Eguisheim)
Ecomusée d'Alsace
Christmas Trip in Alsace Roadmap
Other Christmas Destinations

PIERRE, AUThoR of 1300+ articles about FRANCE!

Pierre in Strasbourg at Christmas © French Moments

As a French national, you’d think I know everything about France... but to be honest this knowledge comes from hundreds of hours of research. 

Born in Nancy, Lorraine, I'm fascinated by monuments and beautiful places. I have always been curious and eager to unveil the mysteries of history. And I have always been interested in wandering off the beaten track. 

In the past I've lived in France, Germany, Australia and am now based in the UK where I run French Moments Ltd, a company my wife and I founded to promote beautiful France and its language.

Whilst living in Sydney, Australia, I got busy studying a Master of Translation & Interpretation English-French with Master of International Relations... then I ran a French language centre before returning to Europe. But more than anything what motivates me is writing about France and sharing it with the world. 

Started in 2008, our blog frenchmoments.eu has attracted over 1 million visitors in 2019 and has become well referenced on the web today.

Throughout my time living in Paris and Annecy, I offered guided tours to people coming from around the globe: the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, India... I loved seeing people's faces come alive as they discovered new places. 

My passion is to help people discover France, whether in person or from the comfort of their armchair!

And the present Christmas eBook was born out of this passion...

I hope you enjoy the journey to the land of Christmas in France!


what people say...

As this is a brand new eBook, I don't have many testimonials (yet) from happy readers. However, here are a few things our clients and readers have said about previous ebooks and services: 

Christmas in Alsace: A Photographic Journey is a must-read for anyone who loves France and wants to learn more about the rich Christmas traditions in Alsace. Pierre’s photos will transport you to this beautiful area of the country and you’ll learn not only about the history of Christmas traditions, but how Christmas and all the traditions of the season are celebrated today. This book is fun and easy to read and a treasure for anyone who loves France and wants to learn more about it!



Merci Pierre pour ce magnifique eBook. Je l’ai déroulé comme on feuillette un album de famille que l’on regarde avec tendresse. 

À travers tes nombreuses photos, tu as réussi à transcrire un reflet de nos traditions alsaciennes durant cette période de l’Avent. C’est tout à fait rafraîchissant et je n’ai qu’une envie : aller faire un petit tour dans ma chère Alsace... mais comme cette année est tellement spéciale, je me contenterai de rêver en regardant ton livre, bien installée dans mon canapé.


Annecy, France

Christmas in Alsace is a special book. It covers a part of France that is often not on the minds of those thinking about France, or in the plans of folks hoping to travel there. Pierre deeply loves this part of France, and you can feel his excitement and desire to share with the reader in his every paragraph. Too, his photographs are wonderfully different from most travel images. What he captures is not the beauty of his own photographic work, but the look and feel of the places he’s photographing. There is a sense that you are really there, looking at and enjoying what he saw and loved. It’s as immersive an experience as I’ve ever enjoyed.


Rochester, USA

I have visited Alsace but never at Christmas time. This collection of beautiful photos showing magical Christmas illuminations, colourful displays of gifts, nativity scenes, houses typical of the region and more will delight and entice you as you browse.

It made me want to be there, to experience this enchanting world of Christmas.


East Sussex, UK

Christmas in Alsace: A Photographic Journey nous offre un voyage féerique et lumineux à l'image d'un réveillon de Noël. Un voyage en Alsace entre traditions, saveurs et patrimoine. Ce livre est enchantement, un guide très agréable à lire, bourré d'explications et illustré de photos qui nous en mettent plein les mirettes. Un livre qui donne du baume au cœur en cette période difficile.
Merci à Pierre pour ce recueil de qualité.


Paris, France

Thank you for taking me on a Christmas journey through the regions of Alsace. I loved the photos of the vibrant market stalls, the different nativities and learning what the different regions have to offer for Christmas. A wonderful ebook, that I would highly recommend!


Eastbourne, UK

I wanted to let you know how interesting I find your writing. I was to be travelling in France about now but . . . In locked down Melbourne I travelled in my mind instead and read your posts and follow up on the information in them. Again, thank you!


Melbourne, Australie

Je viens de regarder vos sites de Noël. C'est tout simplement magique. Malgré la situation actuelle, en regardant ces belles photos : cela nous met le coeur en joie.
Joyeuses fêtes à vous et votre famille.


Normandy, France

You are a treasure, and no one knows France as you do, and your photography to support it all is sublime!


Californie, USA

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