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Gems of Paris by French Moments

Spring is here! On the occasion we invite you to a little walk we did in the park of Maisons-Laffitte

We started our walk at Place Wagram in the park. Near the Hermitage bilingual school is one of the most beautiful stables found in Maisons-Laffitte:

March in Maisons-Laffitte 01 © French Moments

Our little daughter was pleased to play with random sticks found on the way:

March in Maisons-Laffitte 02 © French Moments

We approached to the star-shaped Place Napoléon in the heart of the park of Maisons-Laffitte:

March in Maisons-Laffitte 03 © French Moments

But before reaching the square we stumbled onto the Circle of Glory (Cercle de la Gloire) which is no less than a horse track:

March in Maisons-Laffitte 05 © French Moments

We just had to wait for beautiful horses to pass by:

March in Maisons-Laffitte 07 © French Moments March in Maisons-Laffitte 06 © French Moments

We then arrived at the Place Napoléon…

March in Maisons-Laffitte 04 © French Moments

… and met a little fellow who was not really interested in saying bonjour to us:

March in Maisons-Laffitte 09 © French Moments

We walked back towards Avenue Églé via the Avenue d’Austerlitz, named after a battle won by the Napoleonic armies:

March in Maisons-Laffitte 10 © French Moments

It is incredible to see aircrafts flying down so close to us (we used our zoom to better see the airlines logo). The Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport is situated only 30kms from Maisons-Laffitte and the local residents often complain against noise pollution.

March in Maisons-Laffitte 08 © French Moments

Spring is only beginning. The tree buds are busting into life very slowly!

March in Maisons-Laffitte 13 © French Moments

Back to Avenue Églé there are many fine gateways opening onto magnificent manors. Some of the entrances feature the town’s iconic animals: horses.

March in Maisons-Laffitte 11 © French Moments March in Maisons-Laffitte 12 © French Moments

You know Spring is in the air when you glimpse ‘coucous‘ (cowslips) and ‘violettes‘ (violets):

March in Maisons-Laffitte 14 © French Moments March in Maisons-Laffitte 15 © French Moments

Our walk ended on Place Wagram. Spring is beautiful and we cannot wait to discover the Paris region during this season of the year!

Gems of Paris by French Moments
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